Palermo 0
2 Inter

5 Vieri, 13 (2nd half) Vieri

referee Matteo Trefoloni / linesmen Mitro, Ambrosino / 4th man Tagliavento
Serie A TIM — matchday 21 — R. Barbera, Palermo — 30 January 2005 20:30

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1st half / 2nd half

45' / Free kick to us on the left wing after Biava brings down Martins. The Palermo defender is booked for protesting.
45' / Vieri flicks Veron's free kick on to the far post and Cambiasso just fails to make contact.
45' / There's no added time to play as Trefoloni blows for half time. Palermo 0 Inter 1.
43' / Inter break with Stankovic, who from the left plays central to Vieri. Bobogol plays forward to Martins, who tries to take the ball through two opponents but is intercepted.
43' / Back at the other end Brienza's shot from the edge of the box is just wide of the right post.
42' / Grosso's shot from the indirect free kick is on target but too central and Toldo makes a comfortable save.
41' / Dejan Stankovic is yellow-carded for a foul on Toni. Free kick to Palermo in a central position 30 yards out.
40' / Palermo attack back but the Inter defence holds tight and there's no way through for Brienza.
40' / Oba is offside as he runs on to Stankovic's through ball.
39' / Martins makes a difficult cross from the left-wing by-line. In the area Cambiasso touches back to Stankovic, who blasts over.
38' / Materazzi heads clear from Corini's cross then Brienza shoots wide from 20 yards.
37' / Toni is fouled by Materazzi 35 yards out and it's a Rosanero free kick.
36' / Martins receives from Veron then runs on goal. The Nigerian turns a man outside the area then sends a low shot wide of the right post.
34' / Guardalben outjumps Stankovic to Javier Zanetti's right-wing cross and punches clear.
34' / Guardalben outjumps Stankovic to Javier Zanetti's right-wing cross and punches clear.
32' / Palermo win another free kick after Stankovic pushes Zaccardo.
32' / From the right wing Corini plays his free kick to the far post... Zaccardo protests to Trefoloni after going down in the area following a clash with Veron.
30' / Corini curls his free kick round the Nerazzurri wall... Toldo saves.
29' / Free kick to Palermo right on the edge of our area after Veron fouls Grosso from behind.
28' / Guardalben comes out of his area and boots to safety, denying Oba Martins a shot from Cristiano Zanetti's forward pass.
27' / Inter win a left-wing corner. Veron's cross to the near post is cleared.
26' / Veron plays to an ummarked Vieri just outside the Palermo six-yard box but the striker fails to make contact.
25' / Oba Martins is fouled as he tries to take the ball past Barzagli. Free kick to us on the left edge of the Palermo penalty box.
23' / Shadowed by Javier Zanetti, Grosso is forced into making a mistake with his left-wing cross and the Nerazzurri win a goal kick.
22' / Nerazzurri on the attack. Stankovic makes a central run on goal then plays to Martins but the pass is intercepted.
21' / Free kick to Palermo deep inside their own half after Veron trips Grosso.
19' / Materazzi and makes two headed clearances to deny Toni. It should be an interesting duel between these two players tonight.
18' / Stankovic wins a corner for Inter after his left-wing cross is blocked.
18' / Veron's corner kick finishes in the near-post netting and it's a Palermo goal kick.
17' / Toldo pulls off a miraculous save from Grosso's 20-yard free kick. Corner to Palermo.
16' / Materazzi loses the ball to Morrone and it's three on three. The Inter number 23 gets back to make an excellent tackle on the Palermo midfielder but Trefoloni awards the home side a free kick.
14' / Palermo attack back. Toni plays short to Brienza, who takes the ball past Favalli then sends his diagonal shot wide of the left post.
13' / Inter are presented with an excellent chance for a second goal. Martins leaves Terlizzi for dead on the left then at the by-line crosses. Vieri only just fails to make contact.
12' / Vieri as intercepted by Biava as he controls Veron's forward pass and the Rosanero move forward.
11' / Great save by Toldo! The Nerazzurri keeper catches Toni's shot on the turn after the Palermo striker received from Brienza.
9' / At full stretch, Terlizzi plays back to Guardalben to deny Oba Martins a shot on goal.
8' / Cordoba anticipates Toni to Barone's through ball then seconds later Brienza falls down in the area after making contact with Cambiasso. The crowd cry 'rigore', but Trefoloni is well positioned and doesn't give a penalty.
7' / Toldo jumps and catches a Palermo cross from the left wing.
6' / From inside the Nerazzurri penalty area Cordoba smashes clear as Palermo come looking for an equaliser.
5' / BOBOGOL!!!!!!!! Vieri heads home from four yards out after Guardalben fails to hold onto Veron's free kick.
4' / Inter win another free kick, this time 35 yards out in a central position, for a foul on Vieri.
3' / Martins breaks down the right, turns two opponents then rifles a shot on target. Guardalben gets down to make the save.
2' / Not a bad effort from Veron. The Argentine's cross-shot dips and isn't far over Guardalben's crossbar.
2' / The Rosanero venture into the Nerazzurri half. Toni and Cordoba battle for a ball played to the right wing. The Colombian gets there first.
1' / Palermo's 12th man for tonight's clash is without doubt the crowd at the Renzo Barbera. There's a cracking atmosphere at the stadium as Matteo Trefoloni blows his whistle and the Rosanero kick off.
1' / Free kick to Inter after Oba Martins is fouled 20 yards outside the Palermo box.
47' / Full time. Inter beat Palermo 2-0.
46' / Corini crosses... Toldo outjumps three Rosanero shirts to pluck the ball out of the air.
46' / Inter replace Martins with Ze Maria.
45' / Palermo win a free kick on the left wing for a Materazzi foul on Possanzini.
45' / Two minutes of added time to play.
44' / On the turn, Cruz shoots on target. Guardalben does well to tip El Jardinero's effort over the bar.
43' / Cruz chests a long ball forward down for Martins but the Nigerian, who looks a bit tired, is anticipated.
42' / From the edge of the Inter box Morrone shoots well off target.
39' / Julio Cruz capitalises on a defensive mistake then shoots straight at Guardalben when perhaps he should have passed to Martins.
38' / Giuseppe Favalli is booked for fouling Santana.
37' / Veron plays an inch-perfect ball to Martins but is flagged offside as Biava intercepts at full stretch.
35' / Toni tries to dribble two white shirts in the Inter box then loses the ball and Javier Zanetti sweeps clear.
34' / Cordoba anticipates Toni, brings the ball out of defence then wins a free kick after he is fouled.
34' / Palermo make their third switch: Santana on, Brienza off.
32' / From the edge of the Palermo box Oba Martins mis-kicks and Guardalben collects.
31' / Inter bring on Cruz for Vieri.
29' / Favalli anticipates Mutarelli to Grosso's left-wing cross and makes a headed clearance.
25' / Guidolin brings on Possanzini for Terlizzi.
25' / And Mancini brings on Kily Gonzalez for Stankovic.
25' / Veron's free kick finds the side-netting.
24' / Vieri wins a free kick by the left-wing corner flag after being brought down by Zaccardo.
22' / Inter slow the tempo slightly with a passing move in midfield.
19' / Javier Zanetti runs down the middle then plays to Veron on his right. Juan Sebastian's cross-shot swerves and is caught by Guardalben at the far post.
19' / Toldo makes a good save from Grosso's long-range shot and Palermo win a corner.
18' / Dejan Stankovic's shot from 20 yards finishes over the Palermo crossbar.
13' / BOBOGOL!!!!!!!! Cambiasso wins the ball in midfield and plays wide to Stankovic on the left. The Serbia&Montenegro midfielder passes square to Vieri, who slots home from eleven yards.
12' / Corini intercepts Cambiasso in midfield and Palermo break. Toni eventually receives just inside the Nerazzurri box but fails to control and Inter clear as far as Zaccardo, whose shot from 20 yards is wide of the right post.
10' / Rosanero captain Corini doesn't manage to keep the ball in play after racing on to a ball which spins off Cordoba. Goal kick to Inter.
9' / Inter win an attacking throw-in on the right. Cristiano Zanetti receives and is forced to backtrack then he plays forward to Veron, who is anticipated.
9' / Palermo defender Biava intercepts Veron's pass to Martins.
8' / At the other end Toldo makes an easy save after Brienza's shot from outside the area takes a deflection.
7' / Cristiano Zanetti is booked for a foul on Grosso.
6' / Corner to Inter on the opposite flank. Stankovic's backheel from close range is saved off the line by Corini.
5' / Inter win a left-wing free kick. Veron's cross-shot is well saved by Guardalben at the near post.
4' / Trefoloni tells Stankovic and Biava to calm down as both booked players clash on the wing.
3' / On the right wing Cristiano Zanetti receives from his namesake then plays to Vieri. But the centre-forward hasn't read the move and Palermo win possession.
1' / Inter get the second half going.
1' / Palermo bring on Mutarelli for Barone at the start of the second half.

total votes 5600

Vieri 8.8593
Zanetti 7.2017
Zanetti 7.4081
Cordoba 7.6610
Materazzi 6.9466
Toldo 8.3110
Martins 8.0665
Kily Gonzalez 7.1476
Cruz 6.2850
Stankovic 6.4607
Favalli 6.2588
Veron 7.7534
Cambiasso 7.6872
Ze Maria 6.2244
average rating 7.3050







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6 shots on target 8
5 shots off target 6
17 fouls committed 23
4 corners 4
3 offsides 1
19:19 ball possession 22:11



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PALERMO - An impressive Inter cruised to a 2-0 victory over Palermo in Sunday evening's Serie A Week 21 clash at the Renzo Barbera thanks to two goals from Christian Vieri, the striker's 126th and 127th in the Italian top flight. The result lifts Mancini's men above Udinese into third place and stretches that long unbeaten run to 34 matches.

Vieri headed Inter in front from close range on 5 minutes after Guardalben fumbled Juan Veron's long-range free kick, then Francesco Toldo made a couple of first-class saves to preserve Inter's lead at half time. The custodian caught Toni's shot on the turn from Brienza's pass then spectacularly pushed Grosso's free kick round for a corner.

The Nerazzurri number thirty-two added his second 13 minutes into the second half, slotting home from eleven yards after good work by Cambiasso and Stankovic.

Palermo's attempts to claw their way back into the match were stifled by a tight Nerazzurri defence as Materazzi and Cordoba did an excellent job on Luca Toni, and second-half sub Julio Cruz went close to adding a third goal for Inter in the closing stages when his shot on the turn was tipped over the bar by Guardalben.

Inter's next match is Wednesday evening's Serie A Week 22 visit of Coppa Italia opponents Atalanta.


Scorer: Vieri 5, 58

PALERMO: 99 Guardalben, 2 Zaccardo, 4 Morrone, 5 Corini, 6 Terlizzi (14 Possanzini 70), 8 Barone (22 Mutarelli 46), 9 Toni, 11 Grosso, 21 Biava, 43 Barzagli, 90 Brienza (18 Santana 79)
Subs not used: 1 Santoni, 19 M.Gonzalez, 20 Raimondi, 81 Ferri
Coach: Francesco Guidolin

INTER: 1 Toldo, 2 Cordoba, 4 J.Zanetti, 6 C.Zanetti, 14 Veron, 16 Favalli, 19 Cambiasso, 23 Materazzi, 25 Stankovic (18 Kily Gonzalez 70), 30 Martins (13 Zè Maria 90+1), 32 Vieri (9 Cruz 76)
Subs not used: 15 Carini, 3 Burdisso, 5 Emre, 11 Mihajlovic
Coach: Roberto Mancini

Referee: Matteo Trefoloni

Bookings: Stankovic 41, Biava 45, C.Zanetti 52, Favalli 83

Palermo vs Inter

starting lineups

Guardalben 1 Toldo
Zaccardo 2 Cordoba
Morrone 4 Zanetti
Corini 6 Zanetti
Terlizzi 14 Veron
Barone 16 Favalli
Toni 19 Cambiasso
Grosso 23 Materazzi
Biava 25 Stankovic
Barzagli 32 Vieri
Brienza 30 Martins


Santoni 15 Carini
Possanzini 5 Emre
Santana 9 Cruz
M.Gonzalez 11 Mihajlovic
Raimondi 13 Ze Maria
Mutarelli 3 Burdisso
Ferri 18 Kily Gonzalez

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