Udinese 3
1 Inter

16 Stankovic, 21 Zapata, 25 Di Natale, 24 (2nd half) Domizzi

referee Emidio Morganti / linesmen Maggiani, Calcagno / 4th man Brighi
Serie A TIM — matchday 21 — Friuli , Udine — 23 January 2011 12:30

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1st half / 2nd half

45' / No injury time awarded and the first half of Udinese v Inter ends 2-1
45' / Zapata fould Pandev but the referee does not award a free-kick to Inter
42' / The Nerazzurri call for a penalty for a double challenge in the Udinese box
41' / Another Maicon cross, this time Eto'o gets to it with his right but Benatia deflects his effort
40' / From inside the box Maicon sends a lobbed ball in front of the face of goal but no teammate manages the get to it
37' / Stankovic shoots low and on target from a long range free-kick, Handanovic gets down and parries it out for a corner
32' / Stankovic shoots with his right from outside the box but his effort is just over the crossbar and hits to top of the net
31' / Isla shoots with his right, but scuffs it badly
31' / Isla with the run, but Lucio clears the ball
30' / Eto'o with a weak right footed effort, Handanovic saves with little trouble
28' / Chivu dispatches an early cross into the box, Cambiasso meets it with a header but sends it over the crossbar
25' / GOAL UDINESE: DI NATALE scores. From a right footed free-kick Di Natale clears the wall and puts it out of Castellazzi's reach for the Udinese lead
21' / GOAL UDINESE: ZAPATA scores. From the edge of the box Zapata fires the ball into the top corner; Castellazzi couldn't get to it
19' / Maicon takes the corner, the Bianconeri clear the ball just out the box but Stankovic with the follow-up shoots with his left, Handanovic gets a hand to the powerful shot and parries it over the crossbar
16' / GOAL INTER: STANKOVIC scores. Thiago Motta wins the ball in the Udinese half and from the left he passes the ball to Stankovic in the box; Deki with his right slots it past the goalkeeper
13' / Maicon with the long pass towards Eto'o, Zapata aniticipates him and starts the counter
9' / Pinzi with the cross which Maicon clears poorly, the ball goes back to Castellazzi who parries it onto the crossbar before Maicon manages to put it out for a corner
7' / Pinzi's cross is met by Sanchez's header but his effort goes wide of the target
5' / Good run by Sanchez but Maicon makes the clearance
4' / Eto'o passes to Cambiasso who shoots, Handanovic makes the save
2' / Isla crosses for Sanchez, Lucio clears the ball out of the box
1' / The Nerazzurri take the kick-off
1' / Against Udinese Leonardo fields Lucio and Cordoba as centre-backs in front of Castellazzi, Maicon and Chivu as full-backs; a midfield of Zanetti, Cambiasso and Thiago Motta; Stankovic playing behind the fron pair of Pandev and Eto'o
1' / WELCOME TO THE STADIO FRIULI: all is ready for Udinese v Inter
48' / After three minutes of injury time, the game Udinese v Inter at teh Stadio Friuli ends 3-1
48' / Yellow card for Stankovic
46' / Substitution for Inter: Chivu out, Santon on
45' / The referee awards three minutes of extra time
42' / Substitution for Udinese: Di Natale off, Denis on
37' / Another shot from Sanchez, this time with his left from the edge of the box, Castellazzi manages to make the save
36' / Sanchez drives a shot from the edge of the box, which Castellazzi stops with his fists, Di Natale latches onto the ball but his touch is too heavy and the ball goes out of play
29' / Through ball from Zapata for Di Natale, Castellazzi comes off his line to collect the ball
27' / Yellow card for Chivu
26' / Substitution for Inter: Thiago Motta off, Biabiany on
24' / GOAL UDINESE: DOMIZZI scores. Zapata headers tha ball after an Inter clearence, Domizzi beats the offside trap and anticipates Castellazzi to slot it home
19' / Yellow card for Cordoba
15' / Di Natale tries to latch onto Zapata's cross
12' / Yellow card for Thiago Motta
9' / Cross from Maicon, Domizzi manages to clear
8' / Stankovic crosses for Pandev but Benatia clears with his head
6' / Great deflection by Castellazzi to send Domizzi's free-kick over the bar
5' / Castellazzi performs a true miracle as Pinzi tried to score with the outside of hs right boot after receiving the ball from Di Natale
3' / Di Natale's right foot shot goes inches wide of the target
1' / The second half kicks off with the teams unchanged

total votes 8439

Zanetti 5.5072
Cordoba 4.1400
Stankovic 6.6251
Cambiasso 5.0123
Maicon 4.8596
Biabiany 3.0010
Chivu 4.4688
Santon 4.8234
Motta 4.9379
Lucio 4.7525
Eto'o 4.3966
Pandev 3.2372
Castellazzi 3.3478
average rating 4.5468







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7 shots on target 6
4 shots off target 4
10 fouls committed 18
6 corners 6
7 offsides 0
25:20 ball possession 28:07



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MILAN – Inter were defeated 3-1 by Udinese in the Week 21 game of the Serie A 2010/11.

It was the Nerazzurri’s third lunchtime kick-off of the season and at the Stadio Friuli they took the lead 16 minutes in through a wonderful Stankovic goal. This however prompted the Udinese response and in the space of four minutes (21 and 25) the Bianconeri turned the game around through gems from Zapata and Di Natale. The Nerazzurri staggered at the beginning of the second half despite being denied a clear penalty (Benatia fouled Cambiasso in the box in the 56th) and then were hit by Udinese’s third which came through Domizzi, who scored after a Di Natale free-kick (69).

FIRST HALF – Maicon and Thiago Motta both made it back for the game and completed the starting eleven that Leonardo selected to play Udinese, which with Milito injured saw Pandev and Eto’o line up in attack.
A minute of silence was observed before kick-off to remember Luca Sanna, the Italian soldier killed in Afghanistan last Tuesday. Once the game started, it took 5 minutes for Sanchez to target the Inter goal after having lost two markers: Maicon was providential in anticipating Di Natale as he was preparing to shoot. Two minutes later and the Chilean forward connected with Isla’s cross trying to head the ball on target, but his effort was just wide of the post. On 9 minutes Maicon scuffed a clearance and forced Castellazzi to deflect the ball onto the crossbar before the Brazilian full-back, on his second attempt to clear, managed to put it safely out for a corner. Inter’s goal came on 16 minutes: Thiago Motta won the ball in the Udinese half and from the right he got the ball into the box where it was met by Stankovic, with his right foot the Serbian dispatched the ball past Handanovic for the 1-0. This was Dragon’s day: from the developments of a Maicon corner, 19 minutes in, Stankovic latched onto Udinese’s short clearance and with his left foot forced Handanovic to a fingertip save, deflecting the ball over the crossbar. Udinese’s response came two minutes later when Zapata scored a great goal: form a Di Natale corner, Lucio headed it clear, Pinzi and Asamoah both got a touch before the ball made it to the Colombian, who with his left sent the ball into the top corner for the 1-1. Four minutes later the Bianconeri recorded their second goal from a debatable free-kick (Stankovic allegedly touched an Udinese player but he continued in his move before going to ground), which Di Natale transformed beautifully as he cleared the wall and placed it close to the inside of the post and outside of Castellazzi’s reach. From a free-kick up the other end Stankovic found the target, but once again Handanovic denied him (37). Without any injury time being played the referee called an end to the first half on the score of 2-1 to Udinese.

SECOND HALF – The second half began without any changes, but with two chances involving Di Natale: on 3 minutes, after an exchange with Isla, the striker, who’s now on 99 Serie A goals, sent the ball just the wrong side of the post; two minutes later, it was his long ball that fell to Pinzi, and only a miracle by Castellazzi, who anticipated the Udinese player, prevented the home team’s third goal. On 6 minutes a Stankovic foul from the edge of the box gave a dangerous free-kick to Udinese: Domizzi took it and this time Castellazzi was able to parry the ball over the crossbar and out for a corner. The first yellow card of the game came 12 in and went to Thiago Motta, after the Brazilian midfielder sent Sanchez to the ground, but just one minute earlier Benatia had clearly kicked Cambiasso in the box, Morganti didn’t see the incident and Inter were denied a clear-cut penalty. On 18 minutes Cordoba also earned himself a yellow card which will see him suspended from the home game against Palermo. On 23 minutes, Udinese earned another free-kick after a Stankovic foul on Inler: Di Natale took responsibility and his effort was cleared, Zapata’s header sent it back into the box where Domizzi managed to get a touch and beat Castellazzi as the goalkeeper was coming off his line (24). Three minutes later saw another booking, this time for Chivu, which means Leonardo will face further problems when facing Palermo next Sunday, now with two starting defenders suspended. Meanwhile it was still only Udinese to look at all threatening: Sanchez’s right footed shot from the edge of the box was met by Castellazzi with his fists, the ball fell to Di Natale, though his touch was too heavy and he lost control and sent it wide of the target. One minute into injury time Chivu was replaced by Santon. The last booking of the game went to Stankovic, and the Serbian will also miss the next fixture (49). After 3 minutes of injury time Udinese v Inter ended 3-1, and the Nerazzurri remain with 35 points in the table.

Udinese 3-1 Inter (HT: 2-1)
Scorers: Stankovic 16, Zapata 21, Di Natale 25, Domizzi 69.

Udinese: 1 Handanovic; 17 Benatia, 2 Zapata, 11 Domizzi; 3 Isla, 66 Pinzi, 88 Inler, 20 Asamoah, 27 Armero; 7 Sanchez, 10 Di Natale (16 Denis 87).
Unused subs: 6 Belardi, 9 Corradi, 13 Coda, 19 Badu, 23 Abdì, 26 Pasquale.
Coach: Francesco Guidolin

Inter: 12 Castellazzi; 13 Maicon, 6 Lucio, 2 Cordoba, 26 Chivu (39 Santon 90+2); 4 Zanetti, 19 Cambiasso, 8 Thiago Motta (88 Biabiany 71); 5 Stankovic; 27 Pandev, 9 Eto'o.
Unused subs: 21 Orlandoni, 15 Ranocchia, 17 Mariga, 20 Obi, 23 Materazzi.
Coach: Leonardo

Referee: Emidio Morganti (Ascoli Piceno)
Notes: Booked: 57 Thiago Motta, 64 Cordoba, 72 Chivu, 90+4 Stankovic. Injury time: 0 and 3

Udinese vs Inter

starting lineups

Handanovic 12 Castellazzi
Benatia 13 Maicon
Zapata 6 Lucio
Domizzi 2 Cordoba
Isla 26 Chivu
Pinzi 4 Zanetti
Inler 19 Cambiasso
Asamoah 8 Motta
Armero 5 Stankovic
Sanchez 27 Pandev
Di Natale 9 Eto'o


Belardi 21 Orlandoni
Coda 15 Ranocchia
Pasquale 23 Materazzi
Badu 39 Santon
Denis 17 Mariga
Corradi 20 Obi
Abdi' 88 Biabiany

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