MILAN - Good health for themselves, their families and loved-ones, serenity, peace, a night out with their friends, goals galore for Inter, no more draws in the championship... They seem like set phrases, but in reality it's what they want to give or receive at Christmas. Inter.it asked all the players what they want to find under the tree. Here's what we discovered...

Adriano: peace for everyone in the world
Nicola Beati: serenity
Nicolas Burdisso: be together with my family
Esteban Cambiasso: good health
Fabian Carini good health
Lampros Choutos: good health and happiness
Francesco Coco: happiness for my sister and niece
Alex Cordaz: a night out with my friends
Ivan Cordoba: peace and serenity in the world
Julio Cruz: good health for my family
Edgar Davids: good health for my family and friends
Paolo Hernan Dellafiore: serenity and good health
Emre Belozoglu: celebrate with my friends
Giuseppe Favalli: good health
Alberto Fontana: good health for my loved-ones
Carlos Alberto Gamarra: good health for my family, which is everything for me
Giorgos Karagounis: good health
Cristian Kily Gonzalez: good health
Obafemi Martins: a lot of goals with Inter
Marco Materazzi: peace in the world
Sinisa Mihajlovic: a nice party with my friends
Giovanni Pasquale: happiness and serenity
Mario Rebecchi: a night out with my friends
Alvaro Recoba: security and well-being for my children
Dejan Stankovic: that Christmas is the end of all the draws in the championship
Francesco Toldo: thanks to God for what I have and I hope I can continue like this
Andy Van Der Meyde: see all my close friends again
Juan Sebastian Veron: peace in the world
Christian Vieri: apologies from those who have treated me badly
Cristiano Zanetti: good health for my father
Javier Zanetti: happiness for my loved-ones and good health for my family
Zè Maria: the happiness of sharing with my children

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