MILAN - Adriano has just left Milan's Niguarda hospital, where he was kept under observation as a precaution after the clash of heads with Empoli defender Raggi in the thirteenth minute of last night's match.

"I was obviously frightened. But it's all over now, I'm serene and calm," the Brazilian striker said to journalists on leaving hospital. "The doctors have reassured me so tomorrow I will be able to leave for Brazil to spend a few days' rest with my family. It was a nasty experience, but it's in the past and this is the important thing."

When asked what he remembered of what happened on the pitch, Adriano replied: "I came round when I was taken to the medical room in the stadium, and when the doctor asked me what I remembered I replied that I remembered the goal I had scored and that this filled me with joy.

"I spent the night calmly here in hospital, I thank all the people who have been with me at this time. I thank the fans who came here to sing my favourite song, now I'll go and rest then I'll be back to resume training with my team-mates.

"Kakà's wedding? I'm not sure if I will be able to take part, we will see tomorrow. I might be feeling a bit tired and might need to rest when I get home. In any case, I send him my best wishes and he will certainly understand that would have been there if I hadn't had this problem."

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