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Under-17 squad for playoffs

Balotelli in Bernazzani's squad for final phase of Campionato Allievi Nazionali

MILAN - Inter's Allievi Nazionali coach Daniele Bernazzani has called up 22 players to his squad for the Under-17 championship playoffs in Italy's Puglia region. The Nerazzurri's opening match is against AC Milan at the Stadio A.Bianco in Gallipoli on Monday 4 June.

Allievi Nazionali squad:

Andrea Bavena (Verbania, 4 March 1990)
Vid Belec (Maribor, Slovenia, 6 June 1990)
Valentino Busato (Giussano, 29 January 1990)

Simone Bellini (Borgomanero, 28 March 1990)
Luca Caldirola (Desio, 1 February 1991)
Mattia Dell'Area (Saronno, 25 September 1990)
Luca Profeta (Milan, 22 February 1990)
Luca Santonocito (Mariano Comense, 11 February 1991)
Marco Varisco (Monza, 10 January 1990)


Paolo Campinoti (Massa, 17 October 1990)
Nicolò De Cesare (Ascoli Piceno, 31 January 1990)
Rene Krhin (Maribor, Slovenia, 21 May 1990)
Filippo Mancini (Genoa, 13 October 1990)
Joel Chukwuma Obi (Lagos, Nigeria, 22 May 1991)
Davide Santon (Portomaggiore, 2 January 1991)
Giorgio Schiavini (Crema, 29 October 1990)
David Junior Toukam (Touala, Cameroon, 17 November 1990)

Mario Balotelli (Palermo, 12 August 1990)
Josè Manuel Barbosa Alves (Paco de Ferriera, Portugal, 4 February 1990)
Samuele Beretta (Verbania, 5 August 1990)
Mattia Destro (Ascoli Piceno, 20 March 1991)
Davide Tremolada (Giussano, 1 January 1990)

Coaching staff
Head coach: Daniele Bernazzani
Goalkeeper coach: Antonello Sartorel
Fitness coach: Andrea Nuti
Team manager: Antonio Mottura
Doctor: Paolo Santamaria
Physiotherapist: Roberto Bottoni

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