Mourinho’s assistant chats to official club channel in Appiano Gentile before leaving for holidays

MILAN - To win at the first attempt. In a new championship. Coming from abroad. Introducing, in an already winning team, a new travel metod, a new methodology, a new philosophy, a new practice and mental sistem. Not only training, it'd be too reductive speaking in these terms about Josè Mourinho and his staff, where has a central role Rui Filipe Da Cunha Faria, for everybody 'Rui', technical assistant and not simply, as often he is called, the person in charge for the team's preparation. Graduate, techer, but first of all the field's and Josè's man.

Rui Faria, the first balance of the first travel season with Inter.
"It has gone veri well. I think it has beeen a winnig year and, at the same time, a study year because i knew that our travel method was different than football italian culture and i knew this wasn't only a my personal challenge, ma of all our staff, because we always travel in harness with Josè and among us. According to this reason, at the ens, we can quietly say that this has been a very, very positive year".

An important aspect of your travel is the organisationa: how does it originate?
'That's how thinghs stand, because it's very important to get training field and to have all already ready. We work for 80-90 minutes, in reality nonstop, and we can't wasting time with problems relate to organisation: that's why all that we do in a training session must be, first of all, well done to work easily and to achieve the session's goal'.

Training's duration e first of all the intensity: like a match. Hard work, but enthusiasm and excited players too. The secret is the continuos employ of the ball?
'There is the work, a big work, and the duration is simply a way to check it. Ninety minutes is the greatest duration, it is enough to realize what we want, in particular through exercises very intense during the session. I always say that anyone could train two hours more in the morning and two hours more in the afternoon and do less than us in ninety minutes..Our work is a specific work, always in the directions that Nourinho wants and with the goals that he decides, then a work aimed at ball possession, defensive and offensive stage, a work aimet at the play's sistem that he will scheme in a specific match. The session must be veri intense, not only for the fisic aspect, but for the players's concentration also, that in this way fit, not only the body, but the mind too. All this is important also for the squad's atletic condition, in order to wont be surprising decreases durinh the season...How do it? Our work in planned between a match and the other, in a way to spend time more on the group's stability during the complete season, compared to the natural top form's pick. This is way there is a work's logic that we make in the days straddle of the matches: the squad's performance musn't change, something changes according to the players, because we have to bear in mind the rolls, the ones that have played for few minutes during the match and ones that will play more in the following'.

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