Primavera pre-season under way

  • Davide Faraoni arrives at the academy training ground
  • He is followed by a smiling Andrea Romanò
  • Lorenzo Crisetig reports for pre-season training
  • Jaime Serrano and Andrea Sposato
  • Samuele Longo
  • Andrea Lussardi
  • Samuele Longo in action
  • Fulvio Pea puts his players through their paces
  • Inter Primavera are back to work
  • Daniel Bessa juggles the ball
  • Lorenzo Crisetig plays keepy-uppy
  • Jakub Vojtus juggles
  • A focused Jaime Serrano
  • Sebastian Carlsen on day one of Inter Primavera's pre-season
  • Fulvio Pea keeps a close watch on his players
  • Pea puts his players through a stretching routine
  • The Inter Primavera players at work with their fitness coach
  • More stretching for the youngsters
  • Fulvio Pea talks to his players
  • "That's the pitch where we'll do great things," he says
  • The Inter Primavera lads listen carefully to Fulvio Pea


20.07.10 / 21:27

Primavera pre-season

MILAN - Fulvio Pea's Inter Primavera players kicked off the pre-season with an hour-long training session at the Centro Sportivo Giacinto Facchetti on Wednesday.

Goalkeepers Matteo Cincilla (born in '94), Raffaele Dalle Vedove ('94) and Riccardo Melgrati ('94)

; defenders Davide Faraoni ('91), Jacopo Galimberti ('96), Nemanja Mitrovic ('92), Paolo Marchi ('91) and Marco Ferrara ('94); midfielders Sebastian Carlsen ('91), Lorenzo Crisetig ('93), Milan Jirasek ('92), Andrea Romanò ('93), Andrea Lussardi ('92), Daniel Bessa ('93); and strikers Edile Micheletti Awoh ('92), Jacub Vojtus ('93), Samuele Longo ('92), Isaac Ntow ('94) and Giovanni Terrani ('94) reported to the academy training ground for the first session of the pre-season.

Denis Alibec ('91), Cristiano Biraghi ('92), Simone Dell'Agnello ('92), Raffaele Di Gennaro ('93), Alberto Gallinetta ('92), Marek Kysela ('92) and Felice Natalino ('92) are currently training with the first team.

Pea will be assisted throughout the season by assistant coach Antonio Manicone, goalkeeper coach Piero Bosaglia, fitness coach Andrea Muti, team doctor Paolo Santamaria and physiotherapists Matteo Mai and Matteo Viganò.


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