08.09.11 / 22:25

Moratti: "Financial fair play is a serious matter"

"I think they will go through with it and we're not within the limits so we can't just ignore it"

SONDRIO - reports the final part of the conference organised by the Banca Popolare di Sondrio to celebrate its 40th anniversary. After Massimo Moratti's opening speech and Ivan Ramiro Cordoba's talk, the Inter president was happy to answer questions from the crowd of people gathered in the Sala Fabio Besta.

First there was a lady, a huge Nerazzurri fan, who wanted to thank Moratti for the summer training camp in Pinzolo ("I was there, president, and it was an amazing experience"). Then another supporter asked why Inter is one of the few clubs (the only club?) trying to get into line with the financial fair play regulations. "It's a very serious matter," Moratti replied. "In other countries there might be clubs that can balance the books through a sponsorship deal, but that doesn't happen in Italy; it's unlikely that would happen here. In Italy, because of the way things are and which we all know about, increases in capital are no longer considered possible, so there is little option than to follow UEFA's guidelines. We don't know yet when and if they will actually be applied, but to give you an idea, at the moment we wouldn't be within the limits, so we have to get ready for them. We can't allow ourselves to be caught out on the counter-attack. And I do believe they will go ahead with it so you can't, you mustn't, pretend it's not happening. Football weighs the same as it did ten years ago: the running costs are the same and so are the values, so in that sense it doesn't respect the rest of the world economy. And if we really want to analyse things, I don't think I actually spent that little in the last transfer window... Inter doneed to improve with regard to outgoing deals, mind. But I'm a fan and at the end of the day I always try to maintain a balance between the financial, affective and technical aspects. We still have room for manoeuvre, though, to improve and to grow: either by selling or by developing the commercial side of things, which is something we're doing already. Not with a new stadium, which is something that club from Turin has done, but through other agreements, other strategies."

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03.03.15 / 15:16

Back in training

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