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President Moratti: "Thohir made an excellent impression on me"

"He's enthusiastic and very happy to do this. He's quick to understand, and once again he seemed very comfortable dealing with everyone"

MILAN - Massimo Moratti answered questions from journalists who awaited him this evening as he left the Saras offices.

Here at we give you the full version of the statements from the Inter president:

The fans are making themselves clear: 'Moratti for president, now and forever'. How do you respond to that?
"We’ll see tomorrow. It’s something we’re looking at together, then we’ll decide tomorrow morning."

Is it something you're going to sleep on? Will it be a night of second thoughts perhaps?
"No. We just need to define a few things, so tomorrow morning I’ll be more prepared to understand everything."

As far as the percentage goes are we at more than 50%?
"No, there is no percentage."

What kind of impression did Erick Thohir make on you?
"An excellent one, just like all the other times. He’s an enthusiastic person and very happy to be doing this. Once again today he seemed very comfortable dealing with everyone, so you can see he’s very communicative. He’s quick to understand things, so he made an excellent impression on me."

From a technical standpoint do you believe he can bring something new to the club by bringing in, for example, someone to deal with transfers?
"No. I don’t believe he’s made any kind of move in that sense. Not because he can or can’t, but because he simply hasn’t done so. He’ll take a look at the people who are already there, as is normally done. It’s not as if he has a low opinion of anyone who’s already there. He just wants to understand how much and to what extent they can fit in to his plans."

May I ask what could be the deciding factor in this choice? Perhaps the fact that you’re no longer a majority shareholder in the club?
"That’s certainly a point regarding the majority. I’ll tell you something else that still has to be defined in the evening. However, in one way or another there will definitely be a way for us to remain close to this club."

How do you imagine it will be when the moment comes to transfer the majority of the shares from the Moratti family to someone else?
"This is something we already went through years ago, so I think of it as something normal that must be done, in addition to being the right thing to do."

So you have to meet each other again tonight?
"No. Tonight I don’t have to meet anyone."

Has Thohir asked you to remain president?
"No. We chatted about many things. They were very kind, as always. Again, we’ll see what we’ll do."

If you should decline, then could your son become president?

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