01.12.13 / 18:52

Jonathan: "It's disappointing but we're already looking ahead to our next game"

"Now we need to make the most of our coming games"

MILAN - Brazilian midfielder Jonathan spoke to Inter Channel following his side's draw with Sampdoria. Here's what he had to say:

"I'm gutted but we're human, you can't always play well. We've still got another 25 games to play, but we mustn't forget that - especially at home - we can't perform like this. It's disappointing for us and for the president on his first visit to San Siro.

"I dropped points against smaller teams when I played for other clubs in my career. We respect sides like Sampdoria but Inter are a big club and if you want to fight for the Scudetto or finish near the top you can't drop points. Now we need to make the most of the matches we have coming up, with Cambiasso we've already said that these home games are essential. Unfortunately today, it didn't go well. Every match is important for Inter, even friendlies. Everyone watches us, every match is essential and we can't ever think they aren't, because if you don't win, the pressure builds."

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19.04.14 / 18:44

Cambiasso: "An important win, but now we need consistency"

"The incredible sequence when I hit the post? These things happen, and they also make football such a great game"


19.04.14 / 18:00

Rolando: "Hard work pays off"

"Our defenders are scoring a lot? We work hard every week because we know a dead-ball situation can be decisive"


19.04.14 / 17:56

Mazzarri: "Let's keep going one game at a time"

"Handanovic did superbly, he prepares for penalties thoroughly. Guarin? I'm pleased for the lad, he really deserves it. I want more from this team"


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