Together with Proud Partner Puccini Group in a country so do diverse that it represents much of Africa

Inter Campus had two appointments scheduled in Mbalmayo, south of the capital Yaounde. There was an introductory course for the new coaches and a more advanced course for coaches who have been working with Inter Campus for longer. 'Playing together for children aged between 6 and 13' was the educational module analysed in classroom during the Cameroon visit, the African country where the Nerazzurri’s project has been most active in Africa. The country is so varied in terms of its languages, socio-economic conditions and ethnic groups that is has earned the nickname of 'la petite Afrique’. Furthermore, the country is so large that our coaches can be taught in a way tailored to their experiences. 

Starting this year and running until 2022, Gruppo Piccini, a worldwide leading construction company that is very active in Africa, will support Inter Campus and our partner Centre Sportif Camerounais to consolidate and further expand activity. The eight-day visit will come to a close with a big tournament for the kids from the village of Ekombitié, near Mbalmayo and from Yaounde’s tough Mvogada district. This event will also feature the special participation of tribal queen Madame Okala, an Inter Campus teacher herself. Could it pave the way to many more meetings with the chance to come together and build friendships? Those would offer great new chances to show the ‘clean face of football’, which expresses itself with lots of joy thanks to Inter Campus.

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