Inter Campus

16.09.2016 / 18.00

View from pitch-level in Russia

Learn while training with Inter Campus in the orphanages of Voronezh and Bobrov

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16.09.2016 / 16.27

Accredited banners for Inter v Juventus

Banners must be taken in via Gate 11. Gates open at 15:00 and banners can be taken in until 17:30

Inter Campus

13.09.2016 / 10.30

Inter Campus Russia in action with Pirelli

The new season kicks off with a day aimed at bringing the kids together from both orphanages involved in the project

inter Clubs

12.09.2016 / 18.22

Head to Prague to support Inter

Season-ticket holders and Inter Club members have a great opportunity to experience a UEFA Europa League away day

Inter Campus

09.09.2016 / 09.30

Inter Campus Nicaragua, in the cradle of sport

A reminder of football’s social role, in an environment which evokes the Olympic spirit

Inter Campus

05.09.2016 / 13.42

Bespoke training at Inter Campus Tunisia

Observation, theory and practice: how the Inter Campus Tunisia coaches are honing in on the finer details of the Nerazzurri way

Inter Campus

02.09.2016 / 13.20

Notes from the road: Inter Campus Mexico

Coaches, families and kids: a crack team making the future look that little bit brighter for Mexico’s vulnerable children

inter Clubs

31.08.2016 / 13.00

Inter Club Indonesia turns 13

Two-day party over the weekend to celebrate the club's 13th birthday

Inter Campus

29.08.2016 / 17.30

Inter Campus Tunisia visits Hergla

Gender equality and social inclusions are being promoted in the coastal town of Hergla as a way of strengthening peace

inter Clubs

24.08.2016 / 19.06

Inter Club Indonesia birthday party

Celebrations have been organised this weekend for the 13th anniversary of the world's biggest Inter Club




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