Inter Campus

03.08.2015 / 17.07

Inter Campus around the world

From the red earth of Africa to the uplands of Bolivia, taking in the sands of Tunisia and the green grass of Eastern Europe: all become football pitches in the name of Inter Campus

Inter Campus

27.07.2015 / 12.25

Sport and culture for Inter Campus in Cameroon

Check out our update on how sport is being used to tackle health, educational and social issues in the African country

Inter Campus

23.07.2015 / 11.09

Juan Jesus, Delgado and Dimarco visit Inter Campus China

The Nerazzurri stars headed to the outskirts of Shanghai to spend time with children from the programme

Inter Campus

22.07.2015 / 12.58

Inter Campus China kids meet their heroes

It was a special evening for the children of the Inter Campus China project last night as they accompanied their Nerazzurri heroes at Shanghai Stadium

Inter Campus

20.07.2015 / 17.25

The healing power of football

Check out our video diary from another season alongside the children of Monza Hospital, part of Inter Campus’ partnership with the Comitato Maria Letizia Verga

Inter Campus

17.07.2015 / 16.57

Mina penda Congo

The words “I love you” in Swahili were written on the wall by the pitch in Kinshasa, where Inter Campus began its journey in Congo

Inter Campus

13.07.2015 / 17.46

Meeting the institutions in Havana

Nerazzurri project is at the heart of a social network

Inter Campus

11.07.2015 / 11.05

Meeting the instructors and kids in Poland

Video of the most recent Inter Campus trip to the centre and outskirts of Krakow

Inter Campus

06.07.2015 / 16.32

Inter Campus Brazil, visits to Rio and Sao Paulo

The air in the Brazilian favelas is thick with intense sporting activity and the sound of happy kids

Inter Campus

03.07.2015 / 11.23

Party atmosphere at Inter Campus Bulgaria

An outing to Sapareva Banya with kids from the local centres

Inter Campus

30.06.2015 / 17.54

Djorkaeff talks Inter Campus USA

During our last visit to Inwood, a neighbourhood in Manhattan, we heard from children involved in the programme and former Nerazzurri star Youri Djorkaeff

Inter Campus

27.06.2015 / 15.56

Nerazzurri shirts for Inter Campus Colombia kids

Joy for local children as they get to pull on the black and blue jersey for the first time




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