Inter Campus

30.04.2015 / 17.07

Nepal, UNICEF appeal

Send a text or call 45596 to make a donation to UNICEF and the WFP. Appeal runs until 10 May

Inter Campus

27.04.2015 / 12.56

Inter Campus Argentina expands

Puerto Iguazú site opened on the last visit along with Fundación London Supply. Meetings with kids and PUPI Foundation staff

Inter Campus

25.04.2015 / 18.23

Together with Inter Club Recco & Liguria

A Nerazzurri family get-together to raise funds for children in Colombia

Inter Campus

24.04.2015 / 10.03

Inter Campus journey to Uganda

Get the lowdown on the Inter Campus delegation’s recent visit to Aber and Nagallama in the African country, where they were given a warm Ugandan welcome

Inter Campus

21.04.2015 / 18.40

Leukaemia patients let out energy thanks to Inter Campus

Children from Paediatric Onco-hemotology Centre at Monza Hospital play with Inter Campus, demonstrating the role sport can play in recovery from leukaemia

Inter Campus

17.04.2015 / 12.55

Inter Campus Hungary: fun, football and focus

The orphan children of Inter Campus Budapest and Szendrolad take their football very seriously indeed

Inter Campus

14.04.2015 / 12.35

Video diary from Bolivia

The uplands of Bolivia are coloured black and blue thanks to Inter Campus

Inter Campus

11.04.2015 / 08.56

Israel and Palestine video diary

Noa and others talk about the Inter Campus project which gets Israeli and Palestinian children playing together

Inter Campus

07.04.2015 / 14.18

Football against conflict

New Inter Campus mission in the south of Lebanon

Inter Campus

04.04.2015 / 11.41

Visit to Paraguay

Inter Campus Paraguay coordinator Julio Gonzalez and local families talk about the project during our recent trip to Asunción

Inter Campus

02.04.2015 / 12.00

New English version of Inter Campus website now online

Stories, pictures and videos from the world of Inter Campus now available in English

Inter Campus

31.03.2015 / 12.43

Inter Campus kicks off in USA

Video detailing the inauguration of first Inter Campus programme in USA. The Inwood, Manhattan project is run with Pirelli Tire and Youri Djorkaeff Foundation




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