Inter Campus

24.10.2014 / 18.08

World of the Cochabamba children

Video of latest Inter Campus visit to Bolivia, with children of Ticti Norte neighbourhood and those forced to live in San Sebastian prison

Inter Campus

20.10.2014 / 21.26

Inter Campus in Russia with Voronezh, Babrov orphans

With support of Pirelli Russia, a sport and education visit ahead of official inauguration of project

Inter Campus

11.10.2014 / 00.02

Books and balls among Cambodian rice fields

Inter Campus at Mission Possible schools in Roong, a village outside of Phnom Pehn

Inter Campus

04.10.2014 / 08.27

Inter Campus Bosnia: different ethnicities united by language of football

Croats, Serbs, Muslims and Christians play and learn together on the pitch

Inter Campus

26.09.2014 / 19.09

Games for children forced to live in prison

Inter Campus guaranteeing the right to play in Cochabamba, Bolivia

Inter Campus

16.09.2014 / 21.29

A visit to Inter Campus Poland

Joy for children in Krakow orphanage and reform school thanks to visit from Nerazzurri delegation

Inter Campus

05.09.2014 / 23.30

Inter Campus meets with kids of Northeast Brazil

Visit to outskirts of Recife and village of Pititinga with torrential rain, football and capoeira

Inter Campus

30.08.2014 / 14.08

Inter Campus puts a smile on face of Mexican kids

Inter Campus was in Mexico City to train local coaches and meet children from the rough areas of Tepito, Ceylan and Candelaria

Inter Campus

21.08.2014 / 17.40

Sport, a powerful tool for progress and development

Inter Campus' work with the United Nations Office on Sport for Development and Peace continues. We hear from Karla Gutierrez, coach in Mexican centre of Queretaro

Inter Campus

11.08.2014 / 20.00

Welcome back to Congo, mundele!

Welcome back to Congo, white men! The classic warm greeting from the children of Kinshasa

Inter Campus

04.08.2014 / 20.06

When the desire to play overcomes fear

Despite the conflict, dialogue between Inter Campus Israel and Palestine continues on the pitch




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