Inter Campus

12.10.2015 / 22.04

Inter Campus Uganda going from strength to strength

Thanks to the Nerazzurri’s social project, children in Nagalama are now receiving tangible assistance from local authorities

Inter Campus

09.10.2015 / 12.15

A visit from Djorkaeff

The former star handed out the new Inter shirts to the children of Inter Campus USA

Press Room

07.10.2015 / 17.31

Dodo media conference on Thursday

The Brazilian full-back will chat with journalists in the Centro Sportivo Angelo Moratti press room from 13:30 on Thursday 8 October. Entrance from 13:15

Inter Campus

05.10.2015 / 17.53

New season for Inter Campus Poland

The season begins again for youngsters from the Krakow area

Press Room

05.10.2015 / 17.33

Chiasso v Inter accreditation by Wednesday

All press accreditation requests for the friendly match on Friday 9 October must be in by 18:00 CEST on Wednesday 7 October

Press Room

02.10.2015 / 16.17

Roberto Mancini to discuss trip to Sampdoria

The manager will meet the media in the press room at the Centro Sportivo Angelo Moratti at 15:00 on Saturday 3 September. Access from 14:45

Inter Campus

02.10.2015 / 13.01

Fun and learning in Angola

Training course run by Inter Campus for 70 local educators involved in the project

Press Room

30.09.2015 / 17.42

Jonathan Biabiany press conference

The French winger will meet the press on Friday 2 October at 13:30 CEST

Press Room

29.09.2015 / 12.35

Accreditation for Inter v Juventus by 12 October

All press accreditation requests for the Nerazzurri’s 2015/16 Serie A Week 8 match must be sent in by 18:00 on Monday 12 October

Inter Campus

28.09.2015 / 16.04

Inter Campus Brazil in Aracoiaba

Inter Campus football project at work in the land of sugar cane, helping to improve students' school performances

Inter Campus

25.09.2015 / 19.05

Supporting health campaigns in Cameroon

Inter Campus is helping spread the word about clean drinking water and disease prevention

Press Room

25.09.2015 / 18.48

Mancini press conference ahead of Inter v Fiorentina

Things will get under way at 16:00 in the Centro Sportivo Angelo Moratti on Saturday 26 September. Doors open 15:45




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