Press Room

16.11.2016 / 12.11

Pioli and Icardi news conference ahead of AC Milan v Inter

The Inter coach will be joined by the side’s captain at the pre-match news conference on Friday

Inter Campus

11.11.2016 / 12.20

Inter Campus Bulgaria: integration and social inclusion

The Nerazzurri’s social project is working with orphan children to bring together Bulgaria’s many ethnicities and religions

Press Room

09.11.2016 / 13.44

Stefano Pioli unveiling on Thursday 10 November

The new Inter coach will hold his first news conference at the Centro Sportivo Angelo Moratti at 14:00 CET

Inter Campus

07.11.2016 / 18.04

Inter Campus Lebanon inspiring harmony

In El Mansouri, Lebanese, Syrian, Palestinian and Kurdish children are writing their own page in history inspired by peace and unity

Inter Campus

04.11.2016 / 19.18

Inter Campus Venezuela: the power of football

Organised training sessions are helping the children of Inter Campus Venezuela to overcome violence and malnutrition

Inter Campus

01.11.2016 / 18.05

Inter Campus bringing people together

In the Palestinian quarter of Beit Zafafa in Jerusalem, the Nerazzurri colours help Jewish and Arab children to shed hate and fear

Press Room

01.11.2016 / 16.41

Schedule ahead of Southampton v Inter

Check out all the press conference and training times for the two teams in Southampton on Wednesday 2 November

Press Room

28.10.2016 / 13.51

De Boer news conference before Sampdoria

Coach to meet with journalists in the press room at Centro Sportivo Angelo Moratti on Saturday 29 October at 13:30 CEST

Inter Campus

28.10.2016 / 12.00

Inter Campus Bolivia, determination and passion of women

For Bolivian girls, football is not just a pastime but also an opportunity to learn and chase their dreams




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