Inter Campus

11.01.2016 / 18.42

The Rights of the Child

Children have special rights which Inter Campus helps them to enjoy through sport

Inter Forever

11.01.2016 / 10.48

Happy birthday Dario Morello

Inter Forever would like to wish the former Nerazzurri forward a very happy 48th birthday

Inter Forever

09.01.2016 / 00.00

Happy birthday, Antonio Sabato

Inter Forever would like to wish the former Nerazzurri midfielder a very happy birthday. Sabato scored seven goals in 122 appearances for Inter

Inter Forever

08.01.2016 / 00.00

Happy birthday Giuseppe Favalli

The former Nerazzurri full-back turns 44 today. He won four trophies over two seasons with Inter

Inter Forever

07.01.2016 / 00.08

Happy birthday to Graziano Bini

Inter Forever wishes the former Nerazzurri captain a happy 61st birthday

Inter Campus

31.12.2015 / 10.50

Happy 2016 from Inter Campus

New year's wishes from Inter Campus kids in Congo to the rest of the world

Inter Campus

22.12.2015 / 09.30

Happy Christmas from all the kids

Season's greetings in this video of Inter Campus children around the world

Inter Campus

18.12.2015 / 18.16

Inclusion the aim at Inter Campus Romania

The three Inter Campus centres in Ramnicu Valcea, Slatina and Bucharest are all singing from the same song sheet

Inter Campus

14.12.2015 / 16.00

Inter Campus Argentina, where rain never stops play

Read the report of the recent visit to the kids in Puerto Iguazu and Buenos Aires

Inter Campus

11.12.2015 / 18.55

Inter Campus bringing together Brazilian communities

Families, schools and local parishes united by football to protect children

Inter Campus

09.12.2015 / 11.26

See the changes in Cuba with Inter Campus

Present on the island for a decade, Inter Campus is at the centre of a new atmosphere of openness and communication




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