Inter Campus

10.06.2015 / 22.37

Inter Campus Cambodia, learning every day

Local coordinator Gerry Testori provides an update on the kids in Roong, with constant progress being made in schooling, personal hygiene and football skills

Inter Campus

08.06.2015 / 18.58

A surprising trip to Chiapas with Inter Campus

Coach Adan's account: from Mexico City to the Zapatista community

Inter Campus

06.06.2015 / 12.40

Inter Campus working alongside the United Nations

Collaboration continues with the Youth Leadership Camps organised by the UNOSDP

Inter Academy

06.06.2015 / 11.14

Inter Academy Saudi Arabia visit Milan

A delegation of thirty boys have sessions planned at the Centro Sportivo Giacinto Facchetti until 15 June

Inter Campus

02.06.2015 / 14.04

Inter Campus Argentina trip

Javier Zanetti, the families and the president of the PUPI Foundation discuss the values and goals of the Inter Campus project in Buenos Aires

Inter Campus

01.06.2015 / 11.44

Video diary from Morocco

We hear from some of the women involved in the project on the outskirts of Casablanca

Inter Campus

25.05.2015 / 12.27

Inter Campus Colombia, healthy body, healthy mind

Visit to the Cali centres, where training includes a warm-up, drills and a snack

Inter Campus

22.05.2015 / 16.30

Inter Campus Poland with kids in Krakow

The educational and recreational project in Krakow continues to go from strength to strength

Inter Campus

19.05.2015 / 16.42

Inter Campus in Inwood with Djorkaeff

Inter Campus USA's work continues along with Pirelli Tire North America and the Youri Djorkaeff Foundation

Inter Campus

16.05.2015 / 10.57

Nicaragua video report

Local children enjoying Inter Campus activities in Managua

Inter Campus

11.05.2015 / 17.00

Social challenges for Inter Campus Romania

Thanks to the invaluable contribution of local partners, Inter Campus is able to help orphans and street children all over the country

Inter Campus

09.05.2015 / 20.53

Video diary from Argentina

New Inter Campus centre opened in Puerto Iguazú to the joy of the local children and their teacher/coaches




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