Inter Campus

23.03.2015 / 14.40

In the Holy Land

Breaking down barriers so everyone can play

Inter Campus

20.03.2015 / 15.06

First day excitement with Inter Campus

Inter Campus China's new project on the outskirts of Shanghai kicks off on the International Day of Happiness

Inter Academy

18.03.2015 / 10.57

Inter Academy, technical coaching in Dammam

Local coaches attend a training course at our partner Sporti

Inter Campus

15.03.2015 / 23.00

Video diary from Angola

The children of Luanda have a real zest for life, whether they're playing football or dancing!

Inter Campus

13.03.2015 / 14.29

Inter Campus at 10,000 feet in Bolivia

The project continues to go from strength to strength thanks to collaboration with the United Nations and unerring support from local families

Inter Campus

11.03.2015 / 11.57

Inter Campus Mexico video diary

Footage of our recent visit to the kids in Silao, after Inter Campus and Pirelli agreed to extend their collaboration

Inter Campus

06.03.2015 / 18.04

Inter Campus Paraguay, an oasis amongst the rubbish

In the Zeballos Cué barrio and Cateura rubbish dump, Julio Gonzalez introduces us to children who manage to be happy despite their difficult lives

Inter Academy

05.03.2015 / 14.30

Inter Academy’s new home in Saudi Arabia

We bring you exclusive images of the new sports centre in Dammam, built in collaboration with local partner Sporti

Inter Campus

03.03.2015 / 12.03

Cameroon video account

Footage of the Inter Campus Cameroon kids in Bamenda, the English-speaking region of the country

Inter Campus

27.02.2015 / 15.25

Inter Campus acclaims Javier Zanetti

Past and future alongside the kids

Inter Campus

25.02.2015 / 17.28

Inter Campus Tunisia: video diary

Images from the latest visit to Hergla

Inter Campus

21.02.2015 / 17.00

Video diary from Inter Campus Brazil

Pictures from the Rio De Janeiro favelas




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