Inter Campus

04.11.2016 / 19.18

Inter Campus Venezuela: the power of football

Organised training sessions are helping the children of Inter Campus Venezuela to overcome violence and malnutrition


04.11.2016 / 14.55

Inter to wear armbands in memory of Teddy Thohir

All Nerazzurri sides in action this weekend will wear black armbands as a sign of mourning following the passing of the president's father


03.11.2016 / 21.17

Ausilio: "We'll turn things around"

Sporting director speaks ahead of Southampton v Inter: "Vecchi is a good, experienced coach and an Inter man. We need people who put their hearts into it"

Inter Campus

01.11.2016 / 18.05

Inter Campus bringing people together

In the Palestinian quarter of Beit Zafafa in Jerusalem, the Nerazzurri colours help Jewish and Arab children to shed hate and fear


01.11.2016 / 12.33

F.C. Internazionale statement

Inter part company with Frank de Boer. Stefano Vecchi takes temporary charge of the first team


31.10.2016 / 22.09

F.C. Internazionale mourns Teddy Thohir

The thoughts of everyone at the club are with Erick Thohir at this difficult time following the passing of his father


30.10.2016 / 20.48

Ausilio: "So much quality in this squad"

Inter’s sporting director hailed the quality in the Nerazzurri squad ahead of the team’s clash with Sampdoria


28.10.2016 / 17.32

Antonello presents 2015/16 financial statements

The Nerazzurri Chief Operating Officer unveiled the documents and introduced the club's new Chief Financial Officer, Tim Williams


28.10.2016 / 14.00

Zanetti: "We'll take Inter back to the top"

The views of the vice president: "We're not influenced by what the media think and we're working to find consistency"


28.10.2016 / 13.55

Ausilio: "We back the De Boer project"

The Nerazzurri sporting director tells the press conference: "We've never questioned our coach, results aren't always black and white"


28.10.2016 / 13.52

The views of Bolingbroke and Yang

The Nerazzurri CEO and the vice president of Suning - a member of the board - took the media's questions earlier


28.10.2016 / 13.00

Yang: "All working together towards the same goal"

Suning vice president and Inter board member: "Suning will continue to provide its full support on and off the pitch"




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