Technical staff 2016/17


Frank de Boer

vice coach

Samuel Orlando Trustfull

technical assistant

Michel Kreek

technical assistant

Michele Santoni

head of fitness coach

Alessandro Schoenmaker

goalkeeper coach

Adriano Bonaiuti

fitness coach

Andrea Scanavino

fitness coach

Giuseppe Bellistri

Football Analyst

Michele Salzarulo

Performance Analysis

Marco Fumagalli

Head of medical staff

Prof. Piero Volpi

Squad doctor

Dott. Daniele Casalini

Squad doctor

Dott. Alessandro Corsini

Head of physiotherapists

Prof. Gian Nicola Bisciotti

Physiotherapists coordinator

Marco Dellacasa


Massimo Dellacasa


Andrea Galli


Ramòn Cavallin

Physioterap./Osteopathic Phys.

Matteo Viganò

Functional Rehab

Andrea Belli

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