Inter 3
0 Empoli

25 (2nd half) Vieri, 29 (2nd half) Vieri, 40 (2nd half) Vieri

主審 Pasquale Rodomonti / 副審 Babini, Saglietti / 第4審判 Esposito
セリエA — DAY 18 — "Giuseppe Meazza", Milano — 2003年1月26日 15:00

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45' / Two minutes of injury time added on.
44' / Batistuta falls to the ground after a challenge by Giampieretti. Rodomonti is unimpressed.
43' / Di Natale gets into the Nerazzurri box, Toldo blocks.
42' / Vieri fails to connect with Morfeo's assist, but Bobo is flagged offside.
41' / Inter are given another free kick after Batistuta is fouled. Vieri fails to connect with Morfeo's assist, but Bobo is flagged offside.
38' / Vannucchi aims the set piece for the top left-hand corner, but Toldo does Luciano 'The Jaguar' Castellini proud with a fantastic save.
37' / Javier Zanetti shoulder barges Vannucchi and Empoli are given a free kick two metres outside the Inter box.
35' / Batistuta misinterprets a through ball from Conceiçao.
32' / Inter are awarded a free kick to the right of the Empoli box after Conceiçao is brought down by Di Natale. The free kick is played to Pasquale, who balloons his shot way over.
29' / Toldo anticipates Rocchi once again.
28' / Javier Zanetti takes on a man then unleashes a fierce right-footed shot from 20 yards that finishes over, but only just...
23' / Toldo comes off his line and anticipates Rocchi to a long ball forward.
22' / Vieri heads wide after latching onto a Conceiçao assist.
21' / Inter close to an opener. Javier Zanetti does what he does best down the right wing, then crosses in for the Lion King, whose final shot from inside the box finishes just over.
18' / Pratali is booked for an awful challenge on Batigol.
18' / Inter substitution - Cristiano Zanetti on for Almeyda.
17' / The Argentine is stretchered off. In the meantime, it's a fierce contest in the middle of the pitch and Rodomonti invites everyone to calm down. Cristiano Zanetti is warming up.
16' / Javier Zanetti runs rings around the Empoli defenders just outside the box.
15' / Almeyda requires treatment after falling to the ground following a challenge by Vannucchi.
14' / Rocchi plays an excellent one-two with Busce' down the right wing. Captain Zanetti clears.
12' / Vieri outpaces an opponent down the left, then crosses into the area for Batistuta, whose attempt at an overhead kick fails.
11' / Applauses ring round the stadium after Giovanni Pasquale makes a well-timed clearance.
8' / Vieri is flagged offside. But Bobogol is clearly in disagreement with the linesman.
7' / Cannavaro clears after the visitors look dangerous on the break.
4' / The understanding is already evident... After a one-two with Batistuta, Vieri's shot from 16 yards is saved by Berti. Morfeo's follow-up shot goes wide.
2' / Vieri provides Batistuta with an assist. Batigol sends a close-range shot wide of the Empoli goal.
1' / The Tuscans get the match underway.
1' / Welcome to the San Siro for Inter vs. Empoli. The match will kick off after a minute's silence in memory of Gianni Agnelli, who died on Friday.
49' / That's it. 3-0 to us.
48' / Bobo puts the ball into the back of the net for the fourth time, but it's disallowed for offside.
47' / A thunderous shot from Recoba zips inches over the bar.
46' / Batistuta goes close to a goal on his Inter debut, but his shot finishes wide.
45' / 3 minutes of injury time.
44' / Di Natale receives treatment on the touchline.
43' / Emre exhibits his dribbling skills then falls to the ground in the area. Vieri is beaten to the loose ball by Berti.
42' / An inspired Bobo latches on to a cross from the right, then hits it first time. It's spectacular, but it's wide.
41' / Empoli substitution - Cappellini on for Rocchi.
40' / Bobogol!!!!!!!!!! Vieri scores the simplest of goals with a tap-in after butterfingers Berti fails to hold on to a Zanetti cross.
39' / Emre tries a one-two with Vieri, but nothing comes of it.
34' / Batistuta finds space for himself outside the Empoli box, then sends a shot wide.
31' / Toldo makes a tricky save after an Empoli free kick takes a deflection.
29' / Bobogol!!!!!!!!!! Vieri makes it 2-0 with a close-range header from Okan's headed pass.
28' / Empoli substitution - Vannucchi off, Grieco on.
25' / Bobogol!!!!!!!!!! Vieri taps in from a yard out after Batistuta's pass takes a slight deflection.
24' / Empoli substitution - Busce' is replaced by Tavano.
23' / Inter substitution - Recoba on, Morfeo off.
22' / Berti collects an Okan cross.
21' / Incredible!!! Pasquale beats Busce' to the ball then races into the area. Vieri and Okan both fail to connect with his pass across the face of the goal.
20' / Vieri tries from the distance, but his shot is blocked by two defenders.
16' / Oooooh!! Vieri heads onto the crossbar after making contact with an Emre corner.
15' / Inter substitution - Conceiçao off, Okan on.
14' / Conceiçao turns his marker inside out then plays a superb cross into the area. Berti beats Bobo to the aerial ball.
11' / Berti surpasses himself with an excellent save from a Nerazzurri corner.
10' / Pasquale falls to the ground after a collision with Cannavaro.
9' / Berti anticipates Vieri in the Empoli box.
8' / Good move by the Nerazzurri. From a central position on the edge of the box, Bobo plays wide to Morfeo on the right. Harry Potter whips in a high cross for Batistuta, who fails to make contact.
5' / Okan Buruk is warming up on the touchline.
4' / Toldo makes a save from a Vannucchi cross. At the other end, Bobo storms down the left wing, taking on three opponents before crossing into the middle. The Empoli back line clear.
3' / Vieri and Batistuta get the second half going.
2' / It's 0-0 at the Meazza after 45 minutes.
1' / Toldo neutralises danger from Grella.

採点者 5242

Recoba 7.2126
Vieri 9.0619
Zanetti 6.9660
Zanetti 8.3594
Cordoba 7.1532
Emre 8.0864
Conceiçao 5.4540
Okan 7.8685
Toldo 7.2939
Pasquale 6.5634
Morfeo 5.5258
Almeyda 6.7251
Cannavaro 7.5000
Batistuta 7.2865




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1987年1月18日 2-1 41' Matteoli, 70' Mandorkini, 90' Ekstrom


6 枠内シュート 5
0 枠外シュート 0
16 ファウル 18
7 CK 2
5 オフサイド 8
36:57 ポゼッション 23:53



Inter vs Empoli


Toldo 1 Berti
Zanetti 4 Belleri
Cannavaro 13 Cribari
Cordoba 2 Pratali
Pasquale 26 Cupi
Conceiçao 7 Grella
Almeyda 25 Giampieretti
Emre 5 Buscè
Morfeo 10 Vannucchi
Batistuta 19 Di Natale
Vieri 32 Rocchi


Fontana 12 Cassano
Materazzi 23 Lucchini
Zanetti 6 Agostini
Guglielminpietro 11 Ficini
Okan 22 Grieco
Recoba 20 Cappellini
Kallon 3 Tavano

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