Inter 4
0 Como

13 Batistuta, 24 Di Biagio, 10 (2nd half) Vieri, 30 (2nd half) Vieri

主審 Massimo De Santis / 副審 Di Mauro, Maggiani / 第4審判 Farina M.
セリエA — DAY 25 — "Giuseppe Meazza", Milano — 2003年3月16日 15:00

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45' / Good defending from our captain, who denies Caccia the space to get a cross in.
43' / El Chino sends a 25-yard free kick over the Como bar.
41' / Cauet is booked for a foul from behind on Cristiano Zanetti. Music then goes on a symphonic run (whatever that is...) down the left. The Como player is eventually stopped by Javier.
40' / Como protest with De Santis after Amoruso is blocked in the Inter box. No penalty given.
39' / Applauses all round for Javier Zanetti after a trademark run down the right which includes a one-two with Batigol. The Inter captain’s cross finishes in the hands of Ferron.
36' / Cristiano Zanetti’s right-footed shot from a loose ball outside the Como box finishes in the Curva Sud.
34' / Rossi beats Coco and sends a shot (right-footed) high over the bar.
31' / It’s not the right music… Bobo misses from the spot, dragging his shot wide of Ferron’s left-hand post.
30' / Penalty to us after Christian Vieri is fouled in the Como area by Music.
26' / Toldo saves the penalty, then beats Caccia to the rebound!!!
25' / At full stretch, Toldo pulls off a magnificent save from Amoruso. But Como are awarded a penalty as Okan is judged to have pulled the striker’s shirt.
24' / Goooaaalll!!!! El Chino curls in a corner from the right wing and Di Biagio heads home at the near post. 2-0.
21' / A rarity! Recoba gets back to intercept the ball from the visitors then makes a clearance worthy of a world class defender.
19' / Toldo plucks the ball out of the air after Music crosses in from the left.
17' / Cristiano Zanetti is booked by De Santis for a foul on former Nerazzurri player Cauet.
16' / Cristiano Zanetti makes all the right movements in midfield, advances, then sends a 20-yard shot just over.
15' / Amoruso has a goal ruled out for offside.
13' / Batigol!!!!!!!!!! Gabriel Batistuta rounds Ferron and puts the ball into the back of the net after Javier Zanetti bulldozes his way through the Como defence. 1-0 to us.
12' / Free kick to Inter 25 yards out after Vieri is fouled by Stellini. Batistuta takes the set piece and his fast, low shot (right-footed) goes inches wide of Ferron’s right-hand post.
10' / Coco heads clear a dangerous ball into the Inter box by Caccia. The clearance goes as far as Cauet, who sends a 20-yard shot over the bar.
8' / Okan dribbles an opponent then passes to Batigol on the edge of the box. The Argentinian misinterprets the pass but the Turk pounces on the half clearance and gets a shot in, which Ferron saves.
6' / Coco plays a one-two with Cristiano Zanetti on the right then crosses in for Vieri. Juarez beats Bobogol to the ball.
5' / Caccia tries a shot from a position on the left wing. It's high and goes out of play.
3' / Okan receives a pass from Vieri and plays forward to Cristiano Zanetti, who is intercepted on the edge of the Como box.
1' / Vieri and Batistuta get the match underway.
1' / Welcome to La Scala of football for Inter vs. Como. The teams are on the pitch and we're all set for the kick-off.
45' / De Santis blows his whistle after 2 minutes of added time. Inter win 4-0 and finish the match in ten men with Di Biagio leaving the pitch minutes earlier with a slight injury.
44' / A Vieri free kick from 20 yards takes a deflection, but Ferron gets down to make the save at the near post.
43' / Vieri lays the ball off for Napolitano, who from the edge of the box strikes his shot just wide.
42' / Toldo catches a cross-cum-shot from Benin.
39' / Conceiçao beats his marker on the right wing then sends a high cross over to the far post. Vieri volleys into the Curva Nord.
36' / Francesco Coco hits a left-footed shot first time after a pass wide from Vieri. The wing-back’s shot almost breaks the side-netting.
33' / Bobo smacks the ball into the roof of the net after Coco plays the ball into the 6-yard box. The goal is disallowed for offside.
30' / Bobogol heads home at the far post after Javier Zanetti’s cross from the right. 4-0.
27' / Gamarra makes a crucial challenge on Amoruso in the Nerazzurri box.
26' / Carbone tries with a shot from the distance. It goes wide.
25' / Guly causes chaos in the Como box, taking on two players. The Argentine is eventually dispossessed.
24' / Toldo makes another unbelievable save, this time from Caccia.
23' / Como substitution - Pecchia off, Carbone on.
22' / Inter substitution - Recoba is replaced by Napolitano.
21' / Rossi volleys over the Inter bar from close range.
20' / Inter are pushing hard for a fourth goal and it seems just a matter of time before this turns into a thrashing.
19' / Inter win three corners in quick succession, but no goal is scored despite some delightful play from Conceiçao and Recoba.
18' / Recoba gets a fierce shot in from a position inside the Como box despite being closely marked by two opponents. Ferron does well to save.
17' / Como substitution – Juarez off, Benin on.
16' / Caccia wastes a good chance to pull a goal back for Como. He sends his angled shot over the bar.
14' / Recoba crosses in from the left. Ferron beats Vieri to the high ball.
11' / Inter make a double substitution – Guly and Conceiçao on for Cristiano Zanetti and Batistuta.
10' / Bobogol!!!!!!! Vieri scores his 22nd goal of the championship so far with a near-range header from Recoba’s right-wing corner. 3-0 to us.
8' / Vieri shields the ball well then sends a high cross for Okan on the far side of the Como area. The Turk is bundled to the ground but no decision is given.
5' / Cauet half-volleys wide of Toldo’s left-hand post after the Nerazzurri clear from a Como corner.
3' / Caccia makes a left-wing cross then substitute Binotto’s shot comes off the crossbar.
2' / Como make half-time substitution -Binotto comes on for Music.
2' / Como get the second half underway.
2' /
1' / End of part one after a minute of injury time. Inter 2-0 Como.

採点者 3772

Di Biagio 7.2333
Recoba 7.2099
Vieri 8.7883
Zanetti 7.3161
Zanetti 8.7052
Cordoba 7.6220
Guglielminpietro 6.3543
Conceiçao 7.3558
Okan 7.9311
Toldo 8.4640
Coco 7.2005
Gamarra 6.8353
Napolitano 7.2536
Batistuta 7.6119




2003年3月16日 4-0 13' Batistuta, 24' Di biagio, 55' Vieri, 75' Vieri Vai alla partita
1989年4月2日 4-0 2' Berti, 71' Rig. e 77' Matthaus, 78' Bianchi Alessandro
1988年1月31日 1-0 59' Serena
1987年4月5日 1-0 52' Bergomi
1986年4月20日 3-2 31' Altobelli, 39' Rig. Albiero, 51' e 69' Altobelli, 87' Notaristefano
1984年10月21日 1-0 42' Altobelli
1981年11月29日 4-0 31' Prohaska, 48' Oriali, 58' Rig. Beccalossi, 85' Bagni
1981年2月22日 2-1 7' Ambu, 41' Gobbo, 81' Prohaska
1976年3月14日 2-1 3' Libera, 58' Boninsegna, 62' Cappellini
1953年1月25日 3-1 6' Baldini, 33' Armano, 67' Nyers, 86' Nyers
1951年11月18日 5-1 9' Miglioli, 16' Blason (Rig), 21' Broccini, 47' Cattaneo, 52' Armano, 58' Broccini
1950年9月17日 4-2 17' Wilkes, 29' Lipizer, 33' Meroni, 38' Lorenzi, 79' Miglioli, 86' Lorenzi
1950年5月14日 1-2 32' Rabitti, 65' Ghiandi, 81' Nyers
1914年11月8日 6-0 3 Aebi, L.Cevenini III, Scheilder, Bontadini
1914年3月18日 5-1 2 A.Cevenini I, 2 L.Cevenini III, Aebi


6 枠内シュート 4
8 枠外シュート 10
9 ファウル 16
6 CK 7
0 オフサイド 8
30:31 ポゼッション 27:28



Inter vs Como


Toldo 1 Ferron
Zanetti 4 De Souza
Cordoba 2 Padalino
Gamarra 24 Stellini
Coco 77 Amoruso
Di Biagio 14 Tomas
Okan 22 Music
Zanetti 6 Pecchia
Recoba 20 Rossi
Batistuta 19 Cauet
Vieri 32 Caccia


Fontana 12 Brunner
Conceiçao 7 Carbone
Guglielminpietro 11 Allegretti
Pasquale 26 Benin
Vivas 31 Tarantino
Franchini Binotto
Napolitano Corrent

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