Brescia 0
1 Inter

48 (2nd half) Crespo

主審 Stefano Farina / 副審 Stagnoli, Baglioni / 第4審判 Esposito
セリエA — DAY 29 — "Rigamonti", Brescia — 2003年4月19日 15:00

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45' / There will be s minutes of added time.
44' / Inter substitution - Adani replaces Conceiçao.
43' / Batistuta feeds the ball through to El Chino. Bilica wins the challenge then sends the ball out for a corner.
42' / Brescia substitution - Mazzone replaces Pisano with Albanian forward Tare.
40' / From the resulting free kick, Batistuta fails to make contact with Recoba's posing right-wing cross.
39' / This time there is! Pisano is booked for a foul from behind on Conceiçao.
36' / Petruzzi makes a sliding tackle on Javier Zanetti. No card given.
33' / Cristiano Zanetti becomes the ninth Inter player to be sent off this season. The Hammer is yellow-carded then red-carded by Farina for continuous protests following a foul on Toni.
30' / Spectacular play by Dalmat, who plays square to Emre with a backheel pass, then takes the return pass into the area and sends a left-footed shot on target. Sereni saves.
28' / In the Brescia box, Batistuta is anticipated to a loose ball by Petruzzi.
25' / Toni's close-range diving header from Baggio's 25-yard free kick finishes wide of Toldo's right-hand post.Seconds later, Toldo saves from Seric's diagonal shot with the outside of his left foot.
22' / From 20 yards out, Matuzalem fires over the Inter crossbar after some sustained Brescia pressure.
17' / From 30 yards, Recoba sends a free kick wide of Sereni's left-hand post.
15' / Conçeicao dances past four opponents on the right wing then sends a cross into the middle of the Brescia box, where Batistuta is anticipated by Sereni.
12' / Sereni catches Conceiçao's low, diagonal shot from Recoba's right-wing assist.
8' / Toldo makes an excellent save from Roberto Baggio, who from a position to the left of the box sends a 20-yard free kick on target.
6' / Baggio crosses into the Inter box from the right wing, Bilica rises above the Nerazzurri defence and heads wide.
4' / Recoba curls a left-wing free kick into the Brescia box. Materazzi tries an overhead kick and makes contact with Seric instead of the ball.
1' / Welcome to live commentary of Brescia v Inter. The Swallows kick off.
49' / Full time. 0-1 to us.
48' / GOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLLL!!!!!! Hernan Crespo slots home from two yards out after Javier Zanetti's shot rebounds off Del Nero.
45' / 3 minutes of additional time to play.
44' / At the near post Crespo latches onto Javier Zanetti's right wing cross and fires wide.
41' / Yet another booking. Pasquale is yellow-carded for a foul on Mareco.
39' / On the edge of the Inter box Baggio plays wide to an advancing Appiah. The Ghanaian player shoots, Toldo tips the ball over for a corner.
36' / Brescia substitution - Seric off, Del Nero on.
35' / Nerazzurri substitution - Crespo on, Recoba off.
34' / From a central position, Recoba thunders a 30-yard free kick on target. Sereni is well-positioned and saves.
33' / Australian midfielder Seric is booked for a foul on our captain.
32' / Recoba plays a short corner to Dalmat, then from the immediate return pass curls a left-footed shot towards the far post. Sereni does well to save.
29' / Brescia on the break. Baggio plays wide to Tare, whose diagonal shot from the left takes a deflection off Adani.
26' / Appiah is booked for simulation in the Inter penalty area. Hernan Crespo is warming up on the touchline.
24' / Dalmat tries from the distance with a left-footed shot. Sereni saves at the far post.
23' / Mazzone replaces Schopp with defender Mareco.
21' / Emre takes the ball out of defence and makes a run as far as the halfway line, where Luca Toni fouls the Turk. The Brescia forward is subsequently yellow-carded.
18' / We're down to nine men and Brescia are down to ten as Vieri and Bilica are both sent off, and deservedly so after an exchange of ugly challenges on each other.
10' / Superb move by Recoba, who makes a diagonal run into the Brescia box (taking on three opponents) then skims the post with a low, left-footed shot.
8' / Baggio plays the ball to Tare in the Inter box. The Albanian's shot is deflected by Adani, Toni fails to get to the loose ball.
6' / Dalmat receives from Vieri, turns his marker then unleashes a shot from a central position just outside the Brescia box. Sereni saves.
5' / Tare gets to the right-wing by-line then plays the ball to the near post. Adani clears.
3' / The Nerazzurri kick off the second half. Vieri is on for Batistuta.
2' / It's 0-0 at Rigamonti stadium after the first half. Vieri remains on the touchline to warm up.
1' / Toni beats his marker and from the edge of the Inter box sends a diagonal shot wide. Materazzi then requires attention from the medical staff following a clash with Baggio.

採点者 3422

Recoba 7.0821
Vieri 5.7093
Zanetti 5.0596
Zanetti 8.5472
Dalmat 7.2115
Materazzi 7.1572
Emre 8.1923
Conceiçao 6.3161
Toldo 7.9180
Pasquale 6.5472
Gamarra 6.5145
Adani 6.8679
Crespo 8.9759
Batistuta 5.3340




2011年3月11日 1-1 18' Eto'o , 85' Caracciolo Vai alla partita
2005年5月8日 0-3 57' Martins, 69' Martins, 94' Vieri Vai alla partita
2003年10月18日 2-2 21' Baggio, 49' Caracciolo, 62' Cruz, 87' Vieri (R) Vai alla partita
2003年4月19日 0-1 93' Crespo Vai alla partita
2001年12月9日 1-3 18' Ronaldo, 20' Tare, 64' Vieri, 70' Vieri Vai alla partita
2001年4月29日 1-0 11' Baggio (R) Vai alla partita
1998年2月1日 0-1 75' Ronaldo Vai alla partita
1994年9月18日 0-0
1993年4月18日 1-3 53' Sabau, 56' e 61' Sosa, 81' Schillaci
1987年2月1日 0-1 13' Passarella
1980年12月14日 0-0
1970年2月8日 1-1 31' Menichelli, 83' Rig. Boninsegna
1967年11月12日 2-0 3' Fumagalli, 63' Salvi
1967年3月5日 0-3 48' Domenghini 67' Mazzola, 82' Mazzola
1965年10月24日 2-2 38' Landini (Aut), 47' Domenghini, 48' De Paoli, 71' Guarneri
1947年3月9日 2-2 37' Messora (Rig), 59' Muci, 65' Penzo, 86' Gallea (Aut)
1945年12月9日 1-2 50' Fabbri, 59' Quario, 90' Penzo
1935年9月22日 1-0 60' Schiavetta
1935年5月5日 1-1 28' Chiecchi, 88' Mascheroni
1933年12月31日 1-1 42' Reggiani (BR), 45' Levratto
1931年10月4日 0-2 63' Demaria, 68' Meazza
1931年3月1日 0-0
1930年1月12日 0-0
1929年2月24日 0-0
1926年11月21日 0-3 2 Powolny, E.Rivolta
1926年3月28日 0-1 Tornabuoni
1924年10月5日 1-0
1923年12月30日 1-1 Agradi
1921年11月27日 3-1 Carozzi
1919年10月19日 1-1 Asti
1914年11月22日 0-2 L.Cevenini III, Agradi


5 枠内シュート 7
11 枠外シュート 10
20 ファウル 15
7 CK 7
3 オフサイド 0
31:30 ポゼッション 29:30



Brescia vs Inter


Sereni 1 Toldo
Petruzzi 26 Pasquale
Bilica 23 Materazzi
Pisano 24 Gamarra
Martinez 4 Zanetti
Schopp 5 Emre
Matuzalem 18 Dalmat
Appiah 6 Zanetti
Seric 7 Conceiçao
Baggio 19 Batistuta
Toni 20 Recoba


Micillo 12 Fontana
Mareco 15 Adani
Jadid 16 Sorondo
Alberti 31 Vivas
Tare 22 Okan
Del Nero 9 Crespo
32 Vieri

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