Inter 4
0 Artmedia Bratislava

27 Figo, 41 Adriano, 14 (2nd half) Adriano, 29 (2nd half) Adriano

主審 Michael Riley / 副審 Babski D., Devine D. / 第4審判 Atkinson M.
チャンピオンズリーグ — - — "Giuseppe Meazza", Milano — 2005年11月23日 20:45

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46' / Inter lead Artmedia 2-0 at half time.
45' / Petras is yellow-carded for a foul on Santiago Solari.
45' / 1 minute of added time to play.
41' / GOOOAAAALLL!!!!! Adriano races on to a Figo through ball, picks his spot then lifts the ball over Cobej and into the net to make it 2-0 to Inter.
39' / On the edge of the Artmedia box Recoba receives from Solari and turns Debnar but the flag goes up for offside.
38' / Petras takes on Wome and Veron on the right but loses control of the ball and Inter win a throw-in.
36' / Figo's left-foot cross from the right is over the head of Adriano. Petras heads clear.
32' / Great save by Julio Cesar from Kozac, who had the space at the back post to send a diagonal shot on target. The resulting corner is headed clear by Adriano.
31' / Obzera's cross from the right is blocked by Samuel. Corner to Artmedia.
31' / Kozack crosses from the corner flag, Javier Zanetti hooks clear at the far side.
30' / Julio Cesar gets down well to save Bobely's low shot from the edge of the Nerazzurri area.
28' / GOOOAAALLLL!!!!! Luis Figo meets a Veron through ball, switches from his left to his right foot then slots past Cobej to score his second goal in as many games and put Inter in front at the Meazza.
27' / Superb through ball by Veron to Adriano, who takes the ball to the by-line then has his angled shot saved off the line by Borbely. Corner.
26' / Adriano has a left-foot shot blocked by Durica, who gets back after a defensive error.
25' / Artmedia break after Durica tackles Figo, but Inter come straight back through Adriano, who is stopped by Debnar.
24' / Adriano receives from Solari as Inter break down the right but the Nerazzurri striker is tackled by Borbely.
23' / Figo's first-time cross from the right is blocked by Debnar and hooked clear by Borbely.
23' / Inter's game is coming together as the midfielders put together a series of passes in the Artmedia half.
22' / Samuel cleans up in defence after Halenar makes aerial contact with a long ball forward.
21' / At the other end Recoba has an outswinging free kick headed clear by Durica.
20' / With his back to goal Borbely heads the cross well wide of the far post.
19' / Artmedia attack back and Samuel makes an excellent tackle on Obzera to deny the wide midfielder a clear chance on goal.
19' / Cambiasso fouls Fodrek on the left wing. Michael Riley awards Artmedia a free kick.
18' / Debnar heads out for a corner after a Figo-Zanetti combination on the right channel.
18' / Recoba's corner goes straight into the hands of Cobej.
17' / Durica's long ball into the Inter penalty area is caught by Julio Cesar.
16' / Adriano's floated cross from the left is headed clear.
15' / Obzera wins a duel with Cordoba on the right-wing by-line and wins a corner for Artmedia.
15' / Borbely steals into the six-yard box to head wide Urbanek's corner kick.
13' / From the left-wing corner flag Recoba crosses to Veron, who from the edge of the penalty box volleys just wide of the right post.
12' / At the other end Inter win a free kick on the left edge of the Artmedia box for a foul on El Chino.
12' / Recoba's free kick is headed out for a corner by Kozak.
11' / Free kick to Artmedia 15 yards inside the Inter box for a Veron foul on Durica.
11' / The free kick is played to Petras, whose shot on target is saved by Julio Cesar.
10' / Esteban Cambiasso's high ball into the box is too high for Recoba and Artmedia keeper Cobej collects.
10' / Figo sidesteps Borbely outside the Slovakian box then blasts his shot high and wide.
9' / Free kick to Inter just inside the Artmedia half for a Vascak foul on Wome.
9' / Veron plays square to Figo, who serves Adriano but the Brazilian is tackled.
8' / Kozak plays to Fodrek, whose long-range shot is blocked.
7' / Ivan Cordoba fouls Obzera on the right-wing by-line. Free kick to the Slovakians.
6' / Adriano receives from Cambiasso midway inside the opposing half but is promptly intercepted by Artmedia captain Borbely.
5' / Pierre Wome's deep cross into the Artmedia box from the left wing is caught by Cobej.
4' / Artmedia build up a move down the right. Walter Samuel makes a timely tackle on Vascak to neutralise the danger.
3' / Adriano receives on the left flank and sends a cross into the six-yard box. Cobej gathers the ball.
2' / Artmedia win a free kick out on the left wing for a foul on Halenar.
2' / Nothing comes of the free kick and Inter attack back. Adriano feeds through to Recoba on the edge of the box but El Chino is tackled.
1' / Welcome to the Giuseppe Meazza stadium in Milan's San Siro district for tonight's Matchday 5 game between Inter and Artmedia.
1' / Inter need just a point against the Slovakians to qualify for the Champions League round of sixteen.
1' / The visitors kick off.
47' / Full time. Inter beat Artmedia 3-0 and qualify for the Champions League knock-out phase.
45' / 2 minutes of added time to play.
44' / Santiago Solari races past two opponents then plays wide to Adriano, who sends his shot high and wide of the far post.
41' / Dejan Stankovic fires wide of the right post after receiving from Adriano.
40' / Fodrek's right-foot shot from the distance is over the Inter bar.
35' / Recoba is flagged offside as he runs to meet an Adriano through ball.
34' / Artmedia bring on Stano for Urbanek.
32' / Cristiano Zanetti serves Stankovic with a short pass into the box. The Serb's cross-shot is caught by Cobej.
29' / GOOOAAAALLL!!! Adriano receives from Stankovic and completes his hat-trick with a blistering left-foot shot from 25 yards.
28' / Adriano blocks and heads clear an Artmedia free kick.
26' / Recoba is beaten to a Stankovic ball into the box as Inter come looking for a fourth goal. Moments later the Serb crosses from the right but it's too long for Adriano.
24' / Vladimir Weiss brings on Mikulic and Tchur for Vascak and Kozak.
23' / At full stretch Debnar intercepts Stankovic's pass for Adriano and pokes the ball back to Cobej.
22' / Mancini makes his third switch: C.Zanetti replaces Cordoba.
21' / At the far post Javier Zanetti heads back to Julio Cesar to deny Petras a chance from an Artmedia cross.
19' / In tonight's other Group H match Porto lead Rangers 1-0 at the Estadio do Dragao.
15' / Mancini brings on Stankovic for Veron.
14' / Recoba picks out Burdisso on the right wing. The Argentine defender's cross-shot is over at the far post.
14' / GOOOAAAALLL!!! Adriano combines with Recoba and slots into the far corner to make it 3-0.
12' / Artmedia win a free kick on the left edge of the Inter box for a Recoba foul on Urbanek.
12' / Nothing comes of the free kick. Durica's follow-up cross is cleared by Cordoba.
11' / Recoba's shot from the edge of the Artmedia box takes a deflection off Urbanek and Inter win a corner.
10' / Adriano is intercepted by Borbely as he meets Burdisso's long ball forward.
10' / Fodrek has a go from 25 yards. Julio Cesar makes an easy save.
9' / Santiago Solari's effort from 25 yards is high and wide.
7' / Recoba sends a left-foot shot on target from the edge of the Bratislava box. Cobej saves.
5' / Debnar intercepts a Solari pass to deny Recoba a clear scoring chance.
3' / Cobej intercepts an Adriano pass for Recoba in the Artmedia box.
2' / With Figo off, Javier Zanetti has pushed forward into midfield, with Burdisso at right-back.
1' / Inter kick off the second half.
1' / Fodrek fires well off target from 25 yards.
1' / Mancini has brought on Nicolas Burdisso for Luis Figo.

採点者 4485

Recoba 7.4382
Zanetti 7.2262
Zanetti 7.8300
Cordoba 7.2745
Adriano 9.1581
Stankovic 7.3687
Veron 7.6243
Cambiasso 7.8891
Burdisso 7.0138
Solari 5.9256
Wome 5.8759
Julio Cesar 7.1436
Samuel 7.3354
Figo 8.7067




2005年11月23日 4-0 60' Adriano, 27' Figo, 75' Adriano, 41' Adriano Vai alla partita


8 枠内シュート 6
6 枠外シュート 4
22 ファウル 16
4 CK 3
3 オフサイド 0
33:24 ポゼッション 26:11



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Inter vs Artmedia Bratislava


Julio Cesar 12 Cobej
Zanetti 4 Petras
Cordoba 2 Debnar
Samuel 25 Durica
Wome 33 Urbanek
Figo 7 Vascak
Cambiasso 19 Kozak
Veron 14 Borbely
Solari 21 Fodrek
Recoba 20 Obzera
Adriano 10 Halenar


Toldo 1 Kamenar
Burdisso 3 Stano
Materazzi 23 Gomes
Stankovic 5 Mikulic
Zanetti 6 Tchur
Cruz 9 Konecny
Martins 30 Burak

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