Inter 2
1 Catania

16 Mascara, 29 Stankovic, 31 (2nd half) Stankovic

主審 Paolo Mazzoleni / 副審 Calcagno, De Santis / 第4審判 Tasso
セリエA — DAY 6 — "Giuseppe Meazza", Milano — 2006年10月15日 15:00

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47' / Ibra goes close with a backheeled shot from Solari's cross.
47' / Half time. Inter 1-1 Catania.
46' / Cross in from the right by Baiocco. No problem for Julio Cesar.
45' / Julio Cesar comes off his line to beat Spinesi to Mascara's ball in from the left.
45' / Sottil beats Ibra to Figo's cross from the right and heads clear.
45' / Two minutes of added time to play.
43' / Colucci booked for a bad foul from behind on Solari. Free kick to Inter on the left wing.
42' / Sottil makes another clearance, this time from Maxwell's cross.
41' / Ibra looks for Adriano after recieving from Figo. Sottil clears.
40' / Ibra combines with Solari on the left and crosses into the box. Caserta makes a headed clearance.
39' / Baiocco gets to the right-wing by-line and delivers a dangerous cross. Cordoba concedes a corner with a headed clearance.
38' / Pantanelli moves off his line to beat Adriano to Ibra's flicked header into the Sicilian box.
36' / Caserta intercepts Solari's cross for Figo and clears with an overhead kick.
35' / The Nerazzurri cut out a Catania attack involving Caserta and Mascara, and counter down the right.
34' / Both players are okay to continue.
32' / Adriano and Minelli fall to the ground after a clash of heads in an aerial duel to reach Solari's cross from the left.
30' / Another chance for Catania. Caserta shrugs off a challenge from Cordoba on the left and crosses. Samuel blocks Spinesi's header.
29' / GOOOAAAALLLL!!!!! Dejan Stankovic rises in the box and heads in Figo cross from the right. Inter 1-1 Catania.
28' / Figo wins a duel with Vargas and races into the box where he collides with Minelli.
26' / Figo plays short to Solari who crosses into the box. Spinesi makes a headed clearance.
26' / Maxwell has a go from distance. The Brazilian's powerful left-foot shot is high and wide.
25' / Figo, Ibra and Adri combine as the Nerazzurri muster a reaction. The Brazilian's shot is deflected behind for a corner.
23' / Ibrahimovic creates space with a beautiful piece of skill then passes to Adriano in the box but nothing comes of the move.
21' / Cordoba booked for a foul on Catania scorer Mascara.
20' / Another good move by Catania. Mascara's looping pass over Cordoba is too long for Spinesi. Julio Cesar gathers.
19' / Spinesi's low effort from the free kick hits the Inter wall.
18' / Free kick to Catania 30 yards out for a foul by Zanetti on Baiocco.
16' / Catania take the lead through Mascara, who conjures up an incredible goal. From the left wing the Catania number 10 flicks the ball up and volleys it past Julio Cesar and into the top right-hand corner.
15' / Ibrahimovic storms down the right and plays square for Adriano. The Catania defence intercepts.
14' / Ibra sends a low shot on target from the edge of the box. Pantanelli saves.
13' / Catania win a free kick for a foul by Dacourt on Mascara. The Sicilians take it quickly. Baiocco runs down the middle and plays forward to Spinesi who loses control, and Julio Cesar collects.
13' / Figo glides past Caserta and Edusei during a run on goal but loses possession in the box.
11' / Excellent work by Javier Zanetti, who wins the ball off Vargas, shields from the Catania full-back and brings it out of defence.
10' / Stankovic combines with Figo and crosses from the right. Pantanelli collects the ball.
9' / Minelli blocks a Figo cross from the right and concedes another corner.
9' / Nothing comes of the corner as Ibrahimovic is flagged offside after receiving from Samuel at the back post.
7' / Good move by Catania. Mascara sweeps wide to Colucci who plays into the area from the right wing. Spinesi swivels and shoots. Julio Cesar saves.
6' / Good cross into the six-yard box from Solari. Ibrahimovic fails to make contact with the ball but Inter win a corner.
5' / Solari's cross from the left is blocked. Corner to Inter.
5' / Pantanelli makes a punched clearance from Figo's corner kick.
2' / Figo's inswinger is caught by Rossazzurri keeper Pantanelli.
1' / Good afternoon and welcome to the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza for Inter v Catania. The Sicilians have good travelling support today, with about 4,000 Rossazzurri fans in the Curva Sud.
1' / Inter: 12 Julio Cesar; 4 Zanetti, 2 Cordoba, 25 Samuel, 6 Maxwell; 7 Figo, 15 Dacourt, 5 Stankovic, 21 Solari; 10 Adriano, 8 Ibrahimovic.
1' / Catania: 1 Pantanelli; 21 Silvestri, 5 Minelli, 4 Sottil, 7 Vargas; 26 Caserta, 8 Edusei, 17 Baiocco; 23 Colucci, 24 Spinesi, 10 Mascara.
1' / The whistle goes, and Inter kick off. FORZA NERAZZURRI!!!
1' / Inter win a free kick on the left wing for a Catania foul on Solari.
47' / Full time. Inter beat Catania 2-1.
45' / Two minutes of added time to play.
44' / Inter replace Luis Figo with Marco Materazzi.
41' / Caserta sidesteps Dacourt in a central position 25 yards out and tests Julio Cesar with a right-foot shot.
41' / Cordoba tackles Colucci and pokes clear to deny the Catania winger a good chance on goal.
40' / Pantanelli makes a one-handed save from Figo's corner kick.
38' / Catania bring on Del Core for Edusei.
37' / Colucci blocks a Stankovic cross as the Nerazzurri push for a third goal.
35' / Figo is well tackled by Caserta after a powerful run down the right channel.
31' / GOOOAAAAALLLL!!!! Stankovic volleys home from the edge of the box after Pantanelli's punched clearance from Figo's free kick.
30' / Solari weaves his way into a crossing position on the left and wins a corner for Inter.
29' / Solari rifles on target from 25 yards. Pantanelli saves.
28' / Another good chance for Inter. Ibra turns on to a pass into the box but is intercepted by Vargas. The loose ball falls to Solari whose shot is deflected out for a corner.
24' / Pantanelli goes the right way and keeps out Julio Cruz' penalty kick.
24' / Inter close to a second from the resulting corner, but more heroics from Pantanelli who produces a great save from Cordoba's bullet header.
22' / Free kick to Inter on the right wing. Figo crosses, Cruz is fouled by Minelli in the box and the Nerazzurri win a penalty.
22' / Sottil booked for bringing down Cruz in the area.
21' / Catania win a right-wing corner kick. Julio Cesar plucks Colucci's cross out of the air.
17' / Great ball by Stankovic to Ibrahimovic on the right. The Swedish forward's cross is blocked.
16' / Inter awarded a free kick 30 yards out on the left for a Mascara foul on Zanetti.
16' / Pantanelli punches clear Figo's curling free kick.
16' / Baiocco booked for protesting.
15' / Mancini brings on Cruz for Adriano.
12' / Catania replace Spinesi with Corona - a striker for a striker.
11' / Free kick to Inter on the left wing. Figo's curling cross is caught by Pantanelli at the far post.
10' / Santiago Solari gets into a shooting position and unleashes a right-foot shot from just inside the Catania area, forcing Pantanelli to make good save.
9' / Maicon makes a headed clearance from Colucci's corner at the back post. Vargas pounces on the loose ball and crashes a low shot on target. Julio Cesar saves.
8' / Catania win a free kick on the right wing, awarded for a Solari foul on Colucci.
8' / Zanetti heads behind Baiocco's free kick for a Catania corner.
7' / Stankovic's cross from Figo's ball wide is headed clear by Sottil.
4' / Silvestri's cross from the right is blocked by Solari. Nothing comes of the resulting corner.
2' / Samuel's header from Figo's corner is cleared by the Catania defence and the Sicilians come forward on the break.
1' / Catania kick off the second half.
1' / Inter have brought on Maicon for Maxwell. Javier Zanetti has switched from right to left-back.
1' / Maicon's impact is immediate as he wins the Nerazzurri a corner after a run down the right.

採点者 3889

Zanetti 7.2234
Cordoba 6.2768
Materazzi 7.2903
Adriano 5.2492
Cruz 5.5702
Stankovic 8.6778
Solari 7.1302
Julio Cesar 4.8873
Samuel 6.2405
Figo 6.8472
Maicon 6.1766
Maxwell 5.2863
Dacourt 6.4581
Ibrahimovic 5.8601




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7 枠内シュート 4
6 枠外シュート 1
15 ファウル 23
12 CK 4
3 オフサイド 4
29:12 ポゼッション 30:06



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Inter vs Catania


Julio Cesar 12 Pantanelli
Zanetti 4 Silvestri
Cordoba 2 Minelli
Samuel 25 Sottil
Maxwell 6 Vargas
Figo 7 Caserta
Dacourt 15 Edusei
Stankovic 5 Baiocco
Solari 21 Colucci
Adriano 10 Spinesi
Ibrahimovic 8 Mascara


Toldo 1 Polito
Cruz 9 Sardo
Grosso 11 Corona
Maicon 13 Del Core
Recoba 20 Izco
Materazzi 23 Lucenti
Maaroufi 50 Millesi

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