Skor akhir

22 Desember 2002 20:30

11' (babak kedua) b.d. Zanetti
31' (babak kedua) Recoba (P)
37' Di Biagio
wasit Pierluigi Collina / hakim garis Pisacreta, Ricci / ofisial ke-4 Ragone
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45' 5 minutes added on at the end of the first half.
44' From a central position just ouside the Parma area, Conceicao plays into the box for Emre, whose final shot is blocked by Bonera.
42' Mutu rifles in a shot from a dead-ball situation 25 yards out. Toldo makes an excellent save.
37' GOOOOAAAAAL!!!! Cannavaro heads square to Gladiator inside the Parma 6-yard box after a majestic free kick curled in from the left by Recoba. Gladiator's first attempt is parried by Frey, then he follows up with a shot that hits the back of the net.
29' Recoba picks out Martins on the edge of the Parma area. Ferrari makes a crucial intervention to neutralise the danger. Corner to Inter.
26' The game has stopped momentarily as Benarrivo's cut above his left eye has reopened. Ferrari also requires attention to a rather large looking bruise on his head.
22' Adriano again.... This time, Toldo punches clear a 25-yard free kick from the Brazilian.
20' Adriano volleys a left-footed shot past Toldo after latching on to a long ball forward from Benarrivo, but it's disallowed for offside.
19' Unmarked inside the Inter box, Adriano gets in a header from a Benarrivo cross. Toldo makes an easy save, but in any case the offside flag goes up.
11' Almeyda gets back well to intercept a Barone pass to Mutu inside the Inter box. Corner to Parma.
9' Emre takes on two men before passing square to Di Biagio in a central position on the edge of the Parma box. Di Biagio makes the return pass, but it's too long.
6' Conceicao finds space on the right and makes a run on goal, but his final shot is too weak and is easily collected by Frey.
3' After a two-minute interruption due to an injury to Benarrivo, the game gets underway again. Parma momentarily down to ten men.
2' Pasquale plays a long ball forward to Martins on the left wing. Martins passes to Recoba, who passes to Emre. The Turks's diagonal shot is saved by Frey.
1' Inter kick off tonight's Serie A Week 15 clash at Tardini stadium. An Inter victory will put the side back on top of the Serie A. FORZA NERAZZURRI!!!
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48' Full time.2-1 to Inter and a Merry Nerazzurri Xmas.
47' Marchionni wastes a clear-cut chance for Parma, shooting wide of the far post after receiving a through ball into the area by Nakata.
45' If we hang on for 3 more minutes, then it's 3 points for us and the Serie A top spot over Xmas.
44' Recoba strikes a free kick 20 yards out to the left of the area straight at Frey.
37' Parma substitution - Benarrivo off, Diana on.
37' Inter substitution - Conceicao is replaced by Gamarra.
36' Inter substitution - Cristiano "The Hammer" Zanetti on for Luigi "The Gladiator" Di Biagio.
31' GOOOOAAAAALLLL!!!! Recoba converts the spot kick, striking the ball left-footed into the roof of the net. 2-1 to us.
29' Penalty to Inter after Emre is brought down in the Parma box by Benarrivo.
26' Toldo pulls off a great save from Mutu, who from the edge of the box fires a low shot aimed at the bottom right-hand corner of the net.
24' Benarrivo tries with a shot from 30 yards, but you're never going to beat Toldo from that distance.
21' On the edge of the Inter box, Cordoba neutralises danger from Adriano, who is almost through on goal after making a 20-yard run.
19' Recoba strikes a fierce left-footed shot from 25 yards which whizzes inches wide of Frey's right-hand post.
12' Inter substitution - Coco on for Pasquale.
11' Own goal. Zanetti turns a Mutu free kick from the left into the Inter net at the near post.
9' Parma substitution - Gresko on for Bonera.
8' Martins takes on a man then passes to Recoba in the Parma box. El Chino shoots, Frey makes a miraculous save with his feet.
7' Recoba gets a yard off Bonera down the left and from a position just outside the box strikes a left-footed shot into the side netting.
6' Inter get the second half underway.
5' Inter lead Parma 1-0 after forty-five minutes, courtesy of Di Biagio's near-range effort in the 37th minute.
4' Free kick to Parma right on the edge of the Inter box (central) after Pasquale is judged to have fouled Nakata. Adriano's set piece comes off the wall.
1' Pasquale is shown a yellow card for holding back Bonera.
Di Biagio
Peringkat rata-rata 7.13
7 tembakan tepat sasaran 12
9 tembakan meleset 14
29 pelanggaran 24
4 tendangan sudut 2
2 offside 2
24:30 penguasaan bola 25:30
menang(7) seri(6) kalah(14)

susunan pemain awal

Frey 1 Toldo
Bonera 2 Cordoba
Barone 4 Zanetti
Lamouchi 5 Emre
Adriano 7 Conceiçao
Nakata 13 Cannavaro
Filippini 14 Di Biagio
Mutu 20 Recoba
Ferrari 25 Almeyda
Benarrivo 26 Pasquale
Cannavaro P. 30 Martins


De Lucia 12 Fontana
Diana 23 Materazzi
Gresko 24 Gamarra
Marchionni 77 Coco
Gilardino 11 Guglielminpietro
Brighi 6 Zanetti
Donati 21 Beati