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24 Mei 2003 15:00

11' (babak kedua) Crespo
10' Crespo
44' (babak kedua) Di Loreto
6' (babak kedua) Obodo
wasit Alfredo Trentalange / hakim garis Milardi, Lulli / ofisial ke-4 Calcagno
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45' Dalmat takes on an opponent on the right wing then plays the ball into the middle. Kallon fails to connect.
45' Two minutes added on.
43' Crespo plays the ball through to Kallon, who is anticipated by Milanese's header.
40' Dalmat makes a diagonal run on goal from the right wing and unleashes a shot, way over the bar.
38' Piacenza 3 AC Milan 1
37' Grosso is yellow-carded for a foul on J.Zanetti.
35' Fusani fires way over after side stepping two Nerazzurri defenders on the edge of the box.
33' Crespo plays the ball through to Kallon, Kalac comes-up with a huge save.
31' Piacenza 2 - AC Milan 1
30' Inter win a free kick just over 20 yards out. Emre's effort is cleared by Grosso.
27' Obodo on the ground, muscle problems.
26' Excellent work by J.Zanetti on the right wing.Through ball for Crespo, Perugia defender Di Loreto anticipates and clears.
24' Another cross by Pasquale, but Perugia defence clears.
22' C.Zanetti prevents danger in Inter's half.
19' Berrettoni's left-wing cross dips at the far post, but Toldo has everything under control.
15' Kallon attempts a run down the middle, loses control on the edge of the Perugia's box.
14' Emre crosses from the left, but Perugia keeper saves Crespo shot
13' Toldo denies Grosso, who is unmarked on the far side of the area.
11' Dalmat on the edge of the box, Kalac anticipates everyone
10' GOOOOAAALLLL!!!! Crespo receives a short pass from C. Zanetti then runs into the box and slots past Kalac.
8' Hard tackle by Obodo on Emre, play continues
7' Piacenza 1 AC Milan 0
6' Once again Miccoli fries just outside of the box, over the bar
5' One-two between Emre and Pasquale but Perugia defender anticipates and clears
4' Miccoli attempts 20-yard shot way wide.
3' Perugia on the attack, Ze MAria crosses in for Blasi, Cannavaro clears
1' Welcome to live commentary of Inter v Perugia. Inter kick off.
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47' Final score Inter 2 Perugia 2
45' 3 minutes added on.
45' Kallon fires, but Tardioli collects.
44' Goal.Di Loreto rises above the Inter defence and to head a cross past Toldo.
43' Toldo comes off his line to deny Crocetti.
40' Materazzi is back on the pItch.
39' Materazzi is still on the touchline.
39' Fusani tries another 25-yard shot, way wide.
38' Piacenza 4 AC Milan 1
37' Fusani shot is high and wide.
35' Toldo with a spectacular save on Sogliano shot inside Inter's box.
34' Perugia substitution - Loumpoutis on, Obodo off.
32' Materazzi on the ground after receiving a blow to his knee.
31' Toldo tips Sogliano's shot, on the rebound Ze Maria fires way over the bar into the crowd.
30' Free-kick taken by Emre, Tardioli collects.
28' Another cross by Grosso into the Inter box, but the cross is long for everyone.
27' Crocetti is called off-side in the Inter box.
25' Inter substitution - Conceicao comes on for Dalmat.
24' Perugia substitution - Crocetti on, Miccoli off.
23' Milanese hits the post with a spectacular header, Inter defence collects and clears.
21' Kallon is anticipated after a thirty-yard run in Perugia's box. Kallon claims a penalty, play continues.
19' Kallon inexplicably shoots over the bar from outside the Perugia penalty area, after collecting a short Tardioli clearance.
18' Toldo gets down to save Grosso's angled low shot aimed at the near post.
16' Kallon makes a diagonal run on goal from the right wing and unleashes a shot which is defleacted straight to Crespo who fails to connect.
13' Ze Maria tries a left-foot shot, way over the bar.
12' Inter substitution - Gamarra comes on for Cannavaro, who is applauded by the crowd.
11' GOAAAAALLL!Crespo heads Javier Zanetti's cross straight into the net.
10' Crespo fires way over after sidestepping a Pergugian defender on the edge of the box.
8' Sogliano is yellow-carded for a foul on Emre.
7' Grosso's left-wing cross dips at the far post, but Dalmat clears
6' Perugia are back in the game. Obodo shoots from the edge of the Inter box beats Toldo.
5' Perugia kick-off.
4' The teams are on the pitch for the second half. Inter substitution - Di Biagio comes on for C. Zanetti.
4' Perugia substitution - Kalac off, Tardioli on.
3' At the end of the half, Inter 1 Perugia 0.
2' Pasquale fires, Kalac saves, Kallon on the rebound and once again Kallac denies Kallon.
1' Obodo in the Inter box, but Cordoba clears for a Perugia corner.
Di Biagio
Peringkat rata-rata 6.88
7 tembakan tepat sasaran 8
5 tembakan meleset 4
14 pelanggaran 23
1 tendangan sudut 5
1 offside 5
29:24 penguasaan bola 30:51
menang(9) seri(4) kalah(0)

susunan pemain awal

Toldo 1 Kalac
Cordoba 2 Ferreira
Kallon 3 Milanese
Zanetti 4 Sogliano
Emre 5 Blasi
Zanetti 6 Miccoli
Crespo 9 Grosso
Cannavaro 13 Berrettoni
Dalmat 18 Obodo
Materazzi 23 Fusani
Pasquale 26 Di Loreto


Fontana 12 Tardioli
Conceiçao 7 Galeri
Guglielminpietro 11 Sulcis
Di Biagio 14 Loumpoutis
Okan 22 Pagliuca
Gamarra 24 Rezaey
Vivas 31 Crocetti