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21 September 2003 15:00

wasit Pierluigi Collina / hakim garis Puglisi, Ricci / ofisial ke-4 Dondarini
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46' It's 0-0 between the Nerazzurri and the Blucerchiati after the first half.
45' 1 minute of additional time.
44' Yet another free kick to us as Marazzina chops down Javier Zanetti. Van der Meyde plays a short pass to Lamouchi, who from 20 yards rifles his shot over the bar.
42' Emre's curled effort from the set piece comes off the Genoan wall.
41' Carrozzieri is booked after fouling Cruz just outside the Samp area.
40' Toldo comes off his line to anticipate Diana and catch a long ball forward.
39' Javier Zanetti takes on two then crosses to the near post. Obagol, is anticipated. Corner to us.
36' Emre tries to do what he did against Arsenal but the Genoans close him down quickly and clear.
33' Cannavaro gets the better of Marazzina during an aerial challenge, but Collina awards the visitors a free kick 30 yards out.
31' Obafemi Martins receives the ball in the Samp area but with just Antonioli to beat he fires wide.
30' Diana fires an angled shot inches over Toldo's crossbar.
29' Cruz wins a corner and applauses from the fans after a tussle with Falcone on the right wing. Kily's corner kick is half-cleared, then van der Meyde slips while attempting a follow-up shot.
27' Cannavaro plays the ball out of defence after disposessing Bazzani.
26' Toldo catches Sampdoria captain Volpi's right-wing corner.
25' Lamouchi loses the ball in the centre circle and Samp come forward. Marazzina wins a corner for the Genoans.
24' Van der Meyde send's a left-footed shot well wide after finding space on the edge of the Samp box.
23' Van der Meyde wins a corner for us after his right-wing cross comes off Bettarini.
21' Cruz heads on to Martins in the Genoan penalty area, but Collina gives a foul against the Nigerian for a shove on Falcone.
20' Cannavaro clears from a dangerous right-wing cross into the Nerazzurri box.
19' Doni combines well with Marazzina on the left then plays the ball into the Inter area. Materazzi heads clear.
16' Materazzi wins the ball off Bazzani then plays an elegant cross-field pass to Cordoba.
13' The Genoans come forward on the counter-attack as Diana sprints down the right. Materazzi gets a challenge in and clears.
12' Superb defending by Cordoba, who makes a sliding tackle to deny Marazzina on the left wing.
11' Another free kick to us, this time to the right of the penalty area, as Martins is fouled again. Samp head clear van der Meyde's cross.
10' Marazzina falls over Cordoba in the Inter box. But there's no fooling Pierluigi Collina.
8' Cristiano Doni makes a good move down the right wing. Ivan Cordoba stops the Samp midfielder from getting a cross in.
7' Cruz sends his free kick over the Sampdoria bar.
6' Martins receives on the edge of the box from Lamouchi, then turns Falcone but is brought down. Free kick to us.
5' Andy van der Meyde twists and turns on the right channel, beating three opponents before winning a free kick.
4' Deafening appauses ring round the stadium as van der Meyde combines with Cruz and Martins. The Samp defence clear.
3' Materazzi's free kick is well saved at the near post by Antonioli.
2' Inter win a free kick six yards outside the Sampdoria area after Cruz is hit in the face.
1' Sampdoria kick off this afternoon's match, with the Nerazzurri attacking the Curva Sud in the first half. Let's hope the players can match the spectacle on the stands.
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51' The resulting free kick is played over to the far post, where Antonioli anticipates Materazzi. It's the last move of the match. Inter 0-0 Sampdoria.
50' Palombo is booked for a foul on Kily.
48' Obafemi Martins is booked for a foul
45' Play comes to a halt as Materazzi requires treatment following an aerial collision with Domizi in the Samp area. The Nerazzurri defender is stretchered off. There will be six minutes of additional time.
44' Substitution - Novellino replaces Doni with Yanagisawa.
43' Kily sends his free kick over to the far post, where Materazzi fails to get a header on target. In the meantime, Collina gives a foul against Kallon.
42' Diani is booked by Collina for a foul on Kily.
41' Superb move by the Sierra Leone striker, who plays a one-two then volleys on target. His shot comes off Martins.
40' Cuper replaces Cruz with Kallon.
38' Julio Cruz curls a 20-yard free kick at the near post. It finishes inches wide.
37' Luciano wins a corner as Bettarini is forced to make a tackle on the right-wing by-line.
35' Samp substitution - Domizi for Falcone.
34' Cruz attempts a shot from an extremely tight angle, Carrozzieri blocks. Materazzi heads wide from Emre's left-wing corner.
31' Bazzani heads straight at Toldo from seven yards out as the offside flag stays down.
30' The Brazilian winger replaces Dutchman Andy van der Meyde.
28' Luciano is set to come on.
27' Javier Zanetti shoots wide of the right-hand post from 25 yards.
24' Doni rises above Cordoba to head Diana's left-wing cross over the bar.
22' Helveg picks out Emre with a high ball forward. The Turk heads down for Martins, who plays on for Cruz, but the Argentine fails to control the ball.
21' Samp replace Marazzina with Flachi.
18' Inter substitution - Lamouchi off, Helveg on.
17' Materazzi aims his free kick at the top left-hand corner, Antonioli pulls off a terrific save.
16' Incredbile miss by Sampdoria. Marazzina fires wide from seven yards with just Toldo to beat.
15' Emre wins a free kick for us in a central position two metres outside the Genoan box after being brought down by Doni.
12' Bettarini gets the better of van der Meyde after an interesting duel on the right wing.
11' Fair play. Cannavaro knocks the ball out of play as Diana remains on the ground following a challenge and requires treatment from the doctors.
9' Collina tells Emre to calm down after the Turkish midfielder makes a rash challenge on Diana.
7' Martins receives from Kily and tries to turn Carrozzieri, but the Blucerchiati defender is well positioned.
5' Cruz takes the ball along the edge of the Samp box then fires an angled shot on target. Seconds later Kily Gonzalez gets a shot in that is brilliantly saved by Antonioli.
3' Cruz plays a one-two with Martins but Carrozzieri intercepts the return pass.
2' Toldo comes off his line and beats Marazzina to a ball played into our box. Samp come forward on the attack again and this time Doni fires a shot off-target.
1' Inter kick off the second half.
Van Der Meyde
Kily Gonzalez
Peringkat rata-rata 6.33
7 tembakan tepat sasaran 2
8 tembakan meleset 9
19 pelanggaran 23
10 tendangan sudut 2
0 offside 4
32:21 penguasaan bola 21:42
menang(39) seri(16) kalah(8)

susunan pemain awal

Toldo 1 Antonioli
Zanetti 4 Bettarini
Cannavaro 17 Volpi
Materazzi 23 Carrozzieri
Cordoba 2 Bazzani
Van Der Meyde 7 Palombo
Lamouchi 8 Falcone
Emre 5 Diana
Kily Gonzalez 18 Doni
Martins 30 Marazzina
Cruz 9 Sacchetti


Fontana 12 Turci
Kallon 3 Zivkovic
Luciano 11 Domizzi
Helveg 13 Donatti
Adani 15 Zenoni
Almeyda 25 Flachi
Pasquale 26 Yanagisawa