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2 November 2003 20:30

23' (babak kedua) Recoba
19' (babak kedua) Vieri
wasit Domenico Messina / hakim garis Griselli, Maggiani / ofisial ke-4 Tombolini
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48' Messina blows for half-time. Chievo 0-0 Inter.
47' On the right Emre plays a short pass to Recoba who curls the ball over to the far post. It's too long for Vieri.
46' Lanna receives from Santana then dribbles two Nerazzurri on the left wing. The defender doesn't manage to get a cross in.
45' There will be 3 minutes of additional time.
44' On the right wing Javier Zanetti plays back to Almeyda, whose cross goes straight into the arms of Frezzolini.
40' Cossato is caught by Cannavaro as he runs on goal. The Chievo striker requires treatment.
38' After several minutes of confusion Recoba takes the free kick, striking hard and low. Frezzolini gets down to make the save.
37' Chievo substitution: Amauri is replaced by 2nd goalkeeper Frezzolini.
36' Lanna is booked for protesting.
35' After deliberating with his linesmen, Messina dismisses the Chievo goalkeeper.
34' Vieri latches on to an assist from Emre and is poleaxed by Marchegiani just outside the Chievo area.
33' Almeyda is booked for a relatiatory foul on Santana in midfield.
31' Recoba sends a left-footed shot at the near post. It ricochets off the crossbar.
30' Javier Zanetti is caught by Lanna as he attempts to jump over the Chievo defender. Free kick.
26' From a central position 20 yards out Santana fires two metres over Toldo's crossbar.
25' Emre picks out Recoba on the left. The Uruguayan cuts inside, takes the ball across the face of the box then fires a low shot at the near post which is saved by Marchegiani.
25' Coco plays a long ball forward for Vieri. The Inter striker is caught offside.
24' Cannavaro plays a long ball forward for Vieri, who is anticipated by the Chievo defence.
22' Lanna plays a dangerous cross into the Inter box. Javier Zanetti does well to shield the ball from Semioli but then concedes a corner.
20' Santana picks up a loose ball and makes a great assist into the box for Amauri who fails to make clean contact. Goal kick to us.
19' Bobogol heads a long pass forward on for Recoba, who is beaten to the ball by D'Anna.
18' Baronio curls the free kick at Toldo's right-hand post. The ball is half a metre off-target.
17' Chievo win a free kick 30 yards out after a foul is given against Cristiano Zanetti.
15' Recoba tries to feed the ball through to Vieri five yards outside the Chievo box. D'Anna intercepts.
12' D'Anna is booked by Messina for the challenge.
12' El Chino's left-footed free kick comes off the Chievo wall.
11' Recoba is brought down by D'Anna on the edge of the Chievo box. Free kick to us.
10' Semioli crosses into the Inter box from the left wing, Cordoba heads out of defence.
7' Chievo work a move down the right. Semioli's cross is blocked by Cordoba. Toldo beats Cossato to the corner and clears with the palm of his hand.
6' Toldo parries a left-wing cross-cum-shot by Semioli and Coco comes forward for Inter.
5' Recoba's left-wing corner is headed clear by Semioli.
4' Vieri turns his marker in the Chievo box then shoots on goal, forcing Marchegiani to tip the ball over the bar.
3' The Uruguayan strikes a low shot at the far post. It hits the side-netting.
2' The Nerazzurri comes forward as Recoba takes the ball down the right wing. El Chino is held back by Chievo captain D'Anna. Free kick.
1' Welcome to the Bentegodi for Chievo v Inter. The Nerazzurri kick off.
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48' Full time. Chievo 0-2 Inter.
47' Cossato beats Cannavaro to Lanna's left-wing cross then heads straight at Toldo.
45' There will be 3 minutes of extra time.
44' The pace of the match drops considerably as Chievo try to mount an attack.
43' Pellissier plays an inviting left-wing cross into the Inter six-yard box. No Chievo player is there to apply the final touch.
40' Chievo win a free kick on the left wing after Farinos fouls Santana. The Spanish midfielder smashes clear from the set piece.
38' Inter substitution: Coco off, Helveg on.
37' Martins is brought down by Lanna. Free kick to the right of the Chievo box.
34' Cristiano Zanetti is shown a yellow card for pulling Pellissier's shirt.
32' The two Zanettis combine then Cristiano plays forward to Martins, who is anticipated by the Chievo defence.
27' Zac replaces Emre with Farinos.
26' Martins is brought down just outside the area as he attempts to get on the end of a Recoba cross. Free kick.
24' Unmarked just inside the Chievo area Vieri is presented with a golden opportunity to score a third goal but he fails to make clean contact.
23' GOOOOOAAAAALLLL! !!!!!! Recoba puts us 2-0 up with a volley from Vieri's right-wing cross over to the far post.
20' Del Neri makes his third subsitution: Morrone for Baronio
19' BOBOGOL!!!!!!!!!! Recoba plays a high ball into the Chievo box and Vieri heads past Frezzolini.
18' Emre is booked for fouling Cossato.
17' From the distance, Emre fires hard and low. Frezzolini pulls off a difficult save.
16' Good chance for Inter. Vieri recieves in the Chievo area from Recoba then sees an angled, left-footed shot deflected. Materazzi heads wide from the corner.
15' Chievo counter-attack after Emre loses the ball in midfield. The Nerazzurri defence clear.
14' Coco combines with Martins on the left then loses the ball after failing to control the return pass.
13' Recoba curls a right-wing corner into the six-yard box. Chievo clear.
12' Santana rids of two opponents on the left then plays into the box. Cordoba clears as far a Pellissier, who slices his 20-yard shot wide.
10' The Nigerian is straight into the thick of the action: Recoba dribbles two players then loses the ball. Emre recovers it then plays a short pass to Martins, who is caught offside.
9' Inter make their first switch: Obagol comes on for Almeyda.
8' The substitute races onto a high ball over the Nerazzurri defence but Toldo is well-positioned and clears.
7' Chievo subsitution: Pellissier replaces Semioli.
6' Emre fools Sala just outside the Chievo area, finding space to get a shot in. Frezzolini saves at the near post.
5' Coco is fouled on the right wing as he runs onto a return pass from Emre.
4' Chievo lose the ball in midfield and Inter build up a move with Cristiano Zanetti, Emre and Coco.
3' Materazzi intercepts the ball in midfield then plays the ball forward for Vieri. Bobo is flagged offside.
2' Vieri turns on the edge of the box then fires high over the crossbar.
1' Ten-man Chievo kick off the second half.
Peringkat rata-rata 7.02
2 tembakan tepat sasaran 8
4 tembakan meleset 6
19 pelanggaran 16
4 tendangan sudut 2
2 offside 3
24:00 penguasaan bola 28:00
menang(9) seri(4) kalah(4)

susunan pemain awal

Marchegiani 1 Toldo
Semioli 2 Cordoba
Baronio 4 Zanetti
D'Anna 6 Zanetti
Amauri 5 Emre
Sala 17 Cannavaro
Perrotta 20 Recoba
Lanna 23 Materazzi
Cossato 25 Almeyda
Moro 32 Vieri
Santana 77 Coco


Frezzolini 12 Fontana
Mensah 7 Van Der Meyde
Sculli 9 Cruz
Morrone 13 Helveg
De Franceschi 14 Farinos
Pellissier 15 Adani
Barzagli 30 Martins