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18 April 2004 15:00

26' (babak kedua) Martins
10' (babak kedua) Stankovic
7' (babak kedua) Cannavaro
33' Recoba
32' (babak kedua) Bellucci
23' (babak kedua) Bellucci
wasit Daniele Tombolini / hakim garis Biasutto, Niccolai / ofisial ke-4 Cruciani
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48' Bologna win a free kick on the right wing. Signori crosses, Adriano chests the ball down, brings it out of defence and makes a 40-yard run.
48' Cordoba dispossesses Nervo to defuse a potentially dangerous Bologna move.
48' Tombolini blows for half time. Inter 1-0 Bologna.
46' In space on the left Kily Gonzalez advances then is challenged by an opponent on the edge of the Bologna area. The winger's cross for Adriano is wayward and the Rossoblu move out of defence.
46' Zac brings on Martins for the remaining minute and a half of added time.
45' It looks like the Nerazzurri will finish the half with ten men as Il Chino goes straight into the players' tunnel and Martins needs time to loosen up.
45' 3 minutes of additional time to play.
44' Recoba needs attention to an injury. He cannot continue and Martins starts warming up.
43' Nakata's floated pass to Tare is headed down by the Albanian then Signori sends a low shot wide of the left-hand post.
41' Good defending by Cannavaro, who cuts out Nakata's ball to Nervo.
40' Free kick to us deep inside our half after Tare flattens Cordoba.
40' Farinos plays to Kily on the left then the Argentine passes to Adriano in the box. The Brazilian takes on three then goes down. No penalty, but we win a corner.
38' Inter remain in attack and Pagliuca makes a good save from Stankovic's diagonal shot.
37' Adriano is fouled on the left wing by Colucci. Free kick.
37' Il Chino's curled free kick is headed out of defence by Tare.
34' Inter back on the attack. Adriano receives wide on the left flank then crosses over to the far side, where Stankovic's headed pass is intercepted.
33' GOAAAAALLLL!!!!!! Adriano dummies two opponents on the left then crosses into the middle where Recoba slots home from the edge of the six-yard box.
31' Natali holds off a challenge from Recoba and lets the ball go out for a Bologna goal kick.
29' Recoba races on to a through ball but it's too long and Pagliuca gets there first.
28' Sam Dalla Bona is booked for a foul from behind on Zanetti.
27' Recoba dummies an opponent then from 25 yards unleashes a low shot which finishes wide of the right-hand post.
25' Nervo intercepts Farinos in his own half and Bologna come forward on the counter-attack.
24' Recoba's shot from the set piece has the power but it swerves wide of the left-hand post.
23' Free kick to us 30 yards out after Natali pulls Adriano's shirt as both players look to reach Cannavaro's long ball forward.
22' Nervo is yellow-carded for a foul on Recoba. Free kick to us on the left wing.
22' Pagliuca outjumps Adani at the far post to palm clear Il Chino's curled free kick.
21' Sweeping move by Inter. Stankovic takes on Signori then plays forward to Recoba, who sets up Kily Gonzalez. Pagliuca does well to deal with the Argentine's swerve shot.
18' Igli Tare remains on the ground following an aerial challenge with Daniele Adani.
17' Great move by the Nerazzurri. Adriano shows all his power on the left wing then cuts back for Kily, whose shot from the edge of the Bologna box isn't far over the crossbar.
16' Javier Zanetti makes a great tackle on Nervo to bring a 20-yard run to an abrupt halt.
15' Toldo comes way off his line to catch Nervo's cross in from the right.
14' In midfield Stankovic tackles Colucci then plays square to Recoba, who mis-reads the move.
13' On the right wing Kily brings down Gamberini. Free kick. Nakata's cross is safely caught by Toldo at the far post.
10' Free kick to the visitors in a central position 40 yards out after Adani climbs on Tare.
10' Signori's free kick is headed out of defence by Adriano.
9' Colucci picks out Nervo in space on the left but the flag goes up for offside.
8' Tombolini awards Bologna a free kick after Adriano handles Recoba's floated left-wing cross.
7' Recoba plays square to Stankovic, who slices his 20-metre shot and Bologna move out of defence.
6' Free kick to us on the left edge of the Rossoblu box after Kily is brought down by Nervo.
5' The Danish international brings down Dalla Bona on the left wing. Attacking free kick to Bologna. Tare's headed assist from the set piece is cleared by the Inter defence.
4' Helveg intercepts the ball in midfield then plays forward to Adriano, who from outside the Bologna area blasts wide of the left-hand post.
3' Farinos wriggles free from a challenge then plays wide to Kily Gonzalez, whose left-wing cross is intercepted.
1' Welcome to the Giuseppe Meazza for Inter v Bologna. The Rossoblu kick off.
1' On the right channel Adriano goes past two but is stopped by Natali.
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48' Full time. Inter beat Bologna 4-2.
47' Farinos picks out Kily with a beautiful ball to the left wing. The Argentine passes to Stankovic who tries a one-two but the understanding is missing.
46' Great play by Javier 'The Tractor' Zanetti, who takes the ball past four opponents then sees his shot deflected. Corner.
46' Lamouchi's shot from the corner is well wide.
45' Juve equalise at Parma. And an 'Ole' rings round the stadium.
45' 3 minutes of added time to play.
44' Natali is booked for a foul on Martins.
42' Lazio have come back at the Olimpico and lead Ancona 4-2.
41' Javier Zanetti is brought down by Bologna scorer Bellucci during a right-wing run.
40' Adriano is applauded as he is replaced by Sabri Lamouchi.
39' Unchallenged, Toldo catches Sussi's left-wing centre.
38' Nerazzurri on the break. Martins passes to Adriano, who creates space to get a shot in. At full stretch Pagliuca saves at the near post.
37' Cannavaro needs attention to a kick in the head from Locatelli.
35' Back at the Meazza and Bologna win a left-wing corner kick, which Natali heads over the crossbar.
34' Parma go 2-1 up at home to Juve.
32' The Bologna subs combine to reduce the deficit. Bellucci volleys past Toldo after meeting Locatelli's pass. 4-2.
30' Bologna win a free kick on the left wing. Sussi's curled cross comes to nothing. In the meantime, Juventus have equalised away to fourth place rivals Parma.
26' OBAGOLLLL!!!!!! Superb goal by the young Nigerian, who receives from Adriano then takes on Moretti before firing past Pagliuca at the near post.
24' Mazzone brings on Locatelli for Signori.
23' Bologna pull one back through Bellucci, whose angled shot beats Toldo and goes in at the far post. Inter 3-1 Bologna.
22' Good defending by Helveg, who boots the ball out for a corner to deny an opponent a shot on goal.
21' Zaccheroni brings on Jeremie Brechet for Daniele Adani.
20' Sussi anticipates Adriano to a Farinos ball forward.
18' The Meazza roars as news comes through that next Sunday's opponents Lazio are 2-1 down at home Ancona thanks to an Andersson goal.
17' With the outside of his left foot Adriano attempts a crossfield pass for Stankovic, but it's too short for the Serb.
17' Adriano sends a fierce, low shot wide of the right-hand post.
16' Sussi's left-wing cross is sussed out by Toldo, who punches clear.
15' Obagol gets on the end of an Adriano pass then tries to turn Moretti but is intercepted by the Rossoblu left-back.
14' There's no stopping Adriano. Once again the Brazilian powers past two Bologna defenders then shoots. Pagliuca parries.
12' On the left side of the Bologna area Adriano dribbles two then sends a shot across the face of the goal.
10' GOOAAAALLLLL!!!!! Obafemi Martins receives from Adriano in the middle of the Bologna area then unselfishly passes to Stankovic, who slots home from seven yards.
8' GOOOOAAAALLLLLL! At the near post Fabio Cannavaro heads Kily's corner into the back of the net.
7' Great run by Adriano, who storms past three then wins a right-wing corner.
6' Good chance for us. Adriano outjumps the Bologna defence to meet Stankovic's left-wing cross then heads wide.
4' Martins fouls Moretti as both players sprint to reach a long ball forward.
3' At the near post Adriano beats the Bologna attack to a right-wing corner kick.
1' Inter get the second period underway.
1' Bologna bring on Bellucci for Colucci at the start of the second half.
Kily Gonzalez
Peringkat rata-rata 7.17
8 tembakan tepat sasaran 2
9 tembakan meleset 3
19 pelanggaran 19
7 tendangan sudut 3
3 offside 3
31:53 penguasaan bola 27:10
menang(44) seri(23) kalah(13)

susunan pemain awal

Toldo 1 Pagliuca
Cordoba 2 Moretti
Zanetti 4 Nervo
Adriano 10 Dalla Bona
Stankovic 11 Signori
Helveg 13 Natali
Farinos 14 Nakata
Adani 15 Tare
Cannavaro 17 Colucci
Kily Gonzalez 18 Sussi
Recoba 20 Gamberini


Fontana 12 Manninger
Lamouchi 8 Zaccardo
Cruz 9 Bellucci
Pasquale 26 Locatelli
Biava 29 Meghni
Martins 30 Loviso
Brechet 31 Pecchia