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8 Mei 2005 15:00

47' (babak kedua) Vieri
22' (babak kedua) Martins
10' (babak kedua) Martins
wasit Gianluca Paparesta / hakim garis Calcagno, Grilli / ofisial ke-4 Bergonzi
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46' Kily wins Inter a left-wing corner.
46' Materazzi's header from Veron's inswinger is on target, but saved by Castellazzi.
46' It's 0-0 after forty-five minutes of play at the Rigamonti.
45' Adriano's close-range header from Kily's cross is blocked by Castellazzi.
45' Inter are momentarily down to ten men as Favalli receives treatment on the touchline.
45' One minute of added time.
44' Isolated in attack, Caracciolo loses control of the ball during a run down the right.
43' Excellent attacking move by the Nerazzurri. Karagounis takes on Wome on the right side of the Brescia box then plays short to Veron, who bursts past an opponent then sees his cross blocked by Castellazzi.
43' At the other end Brescia win a corner, which is headed clear by Adriano. The Nerazzurri break with Martins, but the Nigerian's pass square for Veron is intercepted.
40' Great goalkeeping by Toldo, who comes to the edge of his area to deny Caracciolo a clear shot from Di Biagio's long ball upfield.
38' Zoboli wins an aerial duel with Adriano and clears Veron's excellent long-range pass into the Brescia area.
38' Adriano dances between two opponents then plays forward for Kily, but the ball is too long for the Argentine and Brescia win a goal kick.
36' The Greek midfielder receives from Adriano then floats a cross into the box. Brescia clear.
34' Karagounis slots home from eight yards after a one-two with Adriano but the flag has already gone up for offside.
31' Berretta takes on Materazzi on the right wing then crosses into the Nerazzurri six-yard box. Toldo catches.
30' Di Biagio's ball into the box is too long for Caracciolo and Toldo collects.
28' Brescia win a free kick in a dangerous position as Cordoba brings down Caracciolo just outside the Inter box.
27' Materazzi boots the ball out of play to stop Caracciolo from connecting with a forward pass.
26' Adriano takes on Schopp but is intercepted by a second opponent as he enters the box and Brescia break.
25' Veron's left-wing corner kick finds the side-netting.
24' Karagounis' ball into the box is headed clear by Zoboli. Veron's follow-up volley is well-saved by Castellazzi. Another corner.
23' Zoboli blocks a J.Zanetti right-wing cross and it's a Nerazzurri corner.
22' Adriano's powerful long-range shot is wide of the left post.
20' The Nerazzurri attack down the middle. Karagounis receives from Veron and plays first time to Martins. The Nigerian is intercepted.
19' Schopp makes a central run on goal then plays wide to Caracciolo... The Brescia forward crosses to the far side of the Inter area... Berretti's header is blocked.
18' Wome's low cross-shot is blocked and cleared by Favalli.
17' Brescia win a free kick on the right side of the Inter box for a Cambiasso foul on Stankevicius.
16' Veron is dispossessed in the Inter half. Zoboli plays square to Stankevicius, whose ambitious long-range shot is wide.
14' Inter attack Brescia. Adriano makes a dash on goal and unleashes a low, left-foot shot from the edge of the box. Castellazzi parries.
13' Milanetto's inswinging cross is headed back into the middle of the box by Caracciolo, and Zoboli heads over.
12' Free kick to Brescia on the left side of the Inter area for a Cordoba foul on Caracciolo.
11' Inter attack down the left. Kily's cross into the box is blocked by Zoboli.
10' Favalli controls a crossfield pass by Veron then plays back to Kily and makes a run forward. The full-back is beaten to the return ball and Brescia regain possession.
10' Veron's ball into the Brescia box is headed to safety by Martinez.
7' Milanetto's long ball forward from the free kick goes wide of the right post and Inter win a goal kick.
6' Juan Veron is booked for bringing down Schopp midway inside the Inter half.
5' The Nerazzurri knock the ball around in their own half after Schopp brings down captain Zanetti.
3' Cambiasso combines with Kily and Martins on the left channel. Brescia intercept and win a throw-in.
2' Brescia win a free kick just inside the Inter half. Di Biagio's cross sails over everyone's heads and it's a Nerazzurri goal kick.
2' Inter win a defending free kick for a Schopp foul on Cordoba.
1' Welcome to the Rigamonti Stadium in Brescia for this afternoon's Lombardy derby. The home side kick off.
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48' Full time. Inter beat Brescia 3-0 thanks to goals from Martins (2) and Vieri.
47' BOBOGOL!!!!!!! Vieri adds Inter's third with a tap-in after Obafemi Martins takes on two then passes square.
45' Stankovic receives a short pass from Veron then shoots from 35 yards out. It's wide of the left post.
45' Three minutes of stoppage time to play.
44' Veron's cross to the far post is caught by Castellazzi.
43' Kily Gonzalez takes on Martinez on the left, but the Costa Rican defender gets back to tackle the Argentine and concede a corner.
42' Toldo beats Caracciolo to Di Biagio's high ball into the Nerazzurri area.
41' In space in the Brescia area, Stankovic receives a delightful ball from Vieri and volleys wide of the left post.
41' Mancini brings on Gamarra for Karagounis.
40' Vonlanthen's cross into the six-yard box is easily collected by Toldo.
38' Mannini's first-time shot from inside the Nerazzurri area is saved by Francesco Toldo.
37' Vonlanthen goes close again. His diagonal shot from the left side of the Inter box is wide of the far post.
36' On the left wing Martins receives from Kily then sends a low cross into the six-yard box. Castellazzi collects.
31' Brescia break after an Inter attack. Vonlanthen races on to a forward pass but Toldo has moved off his line and manages to block the substitute's shot. Materazzi hooks clear to avoid conceding a corner.
30' Another chance for Brescia striker Caracciolo. This time he beats the Colombian defender then sends a spectacular shot well wide of the right post.
29' Cordoba beats Caracciolo to a forward pass and makes a headed clearance. The ball falls to Sculli, who shoots over the bar.
28' Christian Vieri's shot from the edge of the Brescia box is just wide of the right post.
27' Caracciolo's right-foot shot from 20 yards is over the left post.
26' Wome's low shot from the distance is too weak and Toldo makes an easy save at the left post.
24' Vieri replaces Adriano.
23' Adriano is brought down by Sculli just outside the Brescia box and Inter win a free kick.
23' Karagounis' free kick takes a deflection and Inter win a right-wing corner.
22' OBAGOL!!!!!!!! Martins makes it 2-0 to Inter with a shot past Castellazzi after good approach play by Giorgos Karagounis, who brings the ball into the box, loses it, then wins it back off Di Biagio before playing into space for the Nigerian to shoot
19' Mannini shoves Kily off the ball during a forward run and Inter win a free kick in a central position over 30 yards out.
19' Veron's looping ball into the Brescia box goes out of play at the right post.
18' Sculli is shown a yellow card for a bad foul from behind on Giorgos Karagounis.
17' Brescia make their third and final switch: Mannini on, Schopp off.
16' Karagounis feeds the ball through to Martins and receiving square from Veron, but the Nigerian has mis-read the move and Brescia gain possession.
15' From inside the Brescia box Adriano sends a powerful shot over the bar.
14' Veron's curling free kick is over the wall and several yards wide of the left post.
14' Juan Veron gets back to dispossess Caracciolo and play back to Toldo.
13' Inter win a free kick in a central position 30 yards out.
11' Brescia bring on Sculli for Stankevicius.
10' OBAGOL!!!!!! Martins receives from Veron, tucks a low shot under Castellazzi then celebrates with some of his spectacular somersaults.
9' Martinez concedes another corner with an acrobatic clearance.
8' Zoboli makes a headed clearance from Veron's corner. Karagounis' shot from the edge of the Brescia box is blocked.
7' Martins races on to Stankovic's ball over the Brescia defence after a nice piece of skill from Adriano, but Castellazzi has moved off his line to anticipate the Nigerian.
7' Ex-Nerazzurri midfielder Di Biagio tackles Martins on the left-wing and concedes a corner.
6' Full marks to Marco Materazzi for beating Caracciolo to a forward pass then making the clearance.
6' Inter attack Brescia and win a right-wing corner. Veron's cross is cleared by Zoboli.
5' Kily loses the ball on the left wing then wins it back with an excellent tackle on Zoboli. But Paparesta gives Brescia a free kick.
4' Castellazzi heads out for a left-wing corner to deny Martins.
3' Martins brings down Domizzi just outside the Brescia area and the Swallows win a defending free kick.
1' Inter get the second half underway.
1' Brescia have brought on Vonlanthen for Berretti.
1' And Inter have replaced Favalli with Stankovic. Kily has switched to left-back.
1' From the distance Stankevicius fires wide of the left post.
Kily Gonzalez
Peringkat rata-rata 7.7
3 tembakan tepat sasaran 7
7 tembakan meleset 7
15 pelanggaran 11
2 tendangan sudut 9
1 offside 1
00 penguasaan bola 00
menang(13) seri(14) kalah(5)

susunan pemain awal

Castellazzi 1 Toldo
Martinez 2 Cordoba
Stankevicius 4 Zanetti
Zoboli 10 Adriano
Milanetto 14 Veron
Schopp 16 Favalli
Berretta 18 Kily Gonzalez
Caracciolo 19 Cambiasso
Di Biagio 21 Karagounis
Wome 23 Materazzi
Domizzi 30 Martins


Agliardi 15 Carini
Sculli 5 Emre
Del Nero 9 Cruz
Vonlanthen 11 Mihajlovic
Zambrella 24 Gamarra
Jadid 25 Stankovic
Mannini 32 Vieri