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1 April 2006 20:30

26' Solari
19' Martins
15' Solari
wasit Pasquale Rodomonti / hakim garis Rossomando, Grilli / ofisial ke-4 Cassarà
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47' Got 8.5 minutes to spare during the half-time break? Then log on to to watch The Call, the first short film by Inter's sponsor starring John Malkovich and Naomi Campbell.
47' Half time. Inter 3-0 Messina.
46' David is okay to continue and returns to the pitch.
46' Mihajlovic beats Muslimovic to a Di Napoli back pass.
45' 2 minutes of added time to play.
44' Pizarro takes on two then plays back to Solari but remains on the ground after contact with Parisi.
43' Pizarro creates space for a shot from 20 yards. Zanchi blocks.
43' Zoro beats Martins to a Cruz pass on the right side of the Messina area then boots to safety.
42' Play is interrupted as Muslimovic receives medical attention following a duel with Materazzi.
40' Mihajlovic's inswinging cross is blocked by Sculli and it's another Inter corner.
40' Mihajlovic combines with Pizarro and C.Zanetti on the left but the veteran defender's cross into the box is cleared.
39' Free kick to Inter on the right wing for a Donati foul on Burdisso.
38' Messina attack back. Di Napoli fires not far wide of Julio Cesar's left-hand post.
38' At the other end Zoro tackles Martins in the Messina area and concedes a corner kick.
37' Cruz has a header parried by Storari.
36' At the near post Martins connects with Kily's low cross from the left but his effort is wide.
35' Parisi makes a headed clearance from a Pierre Wome cross.
34' Mihajlovic's free kick is cleared by Muslimovic as far as Cristiano Zanetti, who volleys wide.
33' Free kick to Inter on the left flank for a Zoro foul on Kily Gonzalez.
32' Inter captain for the evening Marco Materazzi tackles Muslimovic to snuff out a Messina attack.
30' El Jardinero is flagged offside again as he controls another Mihajlovic pass.
28' Another chance for Inter. Martins skips past an opponent then sends a dangerous cross in from the left. Parisi boots out for a corner.
28' Cruz is flagged offside as he runs to meet a long ball forward by Mihajlovic.
26' Kily Gonzalez receives from Cristiano Zanetti on the left. Zoro tackles the Argentine and Inter win a left-wing corner.
26' GOOOAAAALLLL!!!! Materazzi's header from Mihajlovic's cross is parried by Storari and Santiago Solari steals in to fire in at the far post. Inter 3-0 Messina.
22' Burdisso delivers a cross from the right. Zanchi heads out for a right-wing corner.
22' Mihajlovic crosses, Zanchi beats Martins to the ball and heads clear at the near post.
22' From 20 metres Kily Gonzalez fires just wide of the left post.
19' GOOOOOAAAAALLLLLL!!!!! Unmarked in the Messina area, Obafemi Martins puts Inter 2-0 in front with a close-range header from Kily Gonzalez's cross.
19' That was Oba's second goal in as many games for Inter. The Nigerian scored the winner against Villarreal in midweek.
18' Mihajlovic's curling free kick goes out of play at the back post.
17' Free kick to Inter 35 yards out on the right channel.
15' GOOOOAAAALLLLL!!!!!!! Santiago Solari gives Inter the lead! Cruz heads to Martins who heads to Solari and from the edge of the Messina area the Argentine winger lobs Storari. Inter 1-0 Messina.
15' That was Santiago's second goal for Inter after his back-heeled effort against Udinese in the Tim Cup semi-final first leg.
14' Free kick to Inter 20 yards out on the right. Mihajlovic's inswinging cross goes behind at the back post.
13' Pizarro finds Kily Gonzalez at the back post with a delightful outswinging cross. The Argentine winger's attempt is blocked by Storari.
12' Wome's through ball for Martins is misguided. Messina win a goal kick.
11' Kily Gonzalez receives from Pizarro and sends a long-range drive way over Storari's crossbar.
9' Burdisso's near-post header from Mihajlovic's corner is off target. Pizarro receives on the far side and crosses back in. Messina clear with some difficulty.
8' Messina win a free kick 20 yards inside our half. D'Agostino's long cross is caught by Julio Cesar.
8' Zoro smashes out for a corner to deny Martins.
6' Burdisso receives on the right from Mihajlovic but the Argentine defender's cross is weak and Aronica sweeps clear.
5' Parisi cuts out Mihajlovic's ball for Solari on the right channel.
5' Good chance for Inter. Solari whips in a cross from the right, Cruz heads on target and Storari makes a difficult one-handed save.
4' Good attacking play by the Nerazzurri. The move comes to an end as Aronica makes contact with Cruz in the Sicilian area.
3' Parisi's low shot from the distance is well wide of Julio Cesar's left-hand post.
2' Di Napoli receives in space from Donati then crosses in from the left. Wome heads out for a Messina corner kick.
1' Welcome to the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza for tonight's Serie A Week 32 clash between Inter and Messina. A win tonight will put the Nerazzurri within two points of their cross-town rivals AC Milan, who lost 1-0 at Lecce.
1' Inter line-up (4-4-2): 12 Julio Cesar; 3 Burdisso, 23 Materazzi, 11 Mihajlovic, 33 Wome; 21 Solari, 8 Pizarro, 6 C.Zanetti, 18 Kily González; 9 Cruz, 30 Martins
1' Messina line-up (3-5-2): 1 Storari; 8 Zoro, 27 Zanchi, 6 Aronica; 14 Sculli, 25 Nocerino, 7 D'Agostino, 5 Donati, 19 Parisi; 20 Muslimovic, 11 Di Napoli
1' Messina kick off against Inter, who are wearing the logo on their black and blue shirts tonight. FORZA NERAZZURRI!!!!!!!!
1' Martins controls a headed pass by Wome on the left then has his pass for Cruz intercepted by Nocerino.
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47' Oooooohhhhh. Recoba's cracking left-foot shot smacks the left post.
47' Full time. Inter 3-0 Messina.
46' D'Agostino's curling free kick goes behind at the back post.
45' Cesar tackles Antonelli on the right-wing by-line. Corner to Messina.
45' Messina win a free kick on the right-wing by-line.
45' Two minutes of overtime.
44' Recoba plays a one-two with Kily then plays wide to Solari. The Argentine fails to read the move but wins the ball back, takes on two then loses possession in the area.
42' Sullo's high header from Donati's cross is caught by Julio Cesar.
42' Martins races on to a Kily through ball and crosses at the by-line. Storari gathers at the near post.
40' Antonelli's cross from the right is blocked and cleared by Mihajlovic.
38' From inside the Inter area Donati volleys wide of the left post.
38' Inter replace Pizarro with Cambiasso.
34' Mihajlovic's free kick is saved by Storari. Corner to Inter.
33' Cesar's low cross from the left is cleared by Zanchi.
33' Solari is caught by Aronica just outside the Messina area. Free kick.
31' Inter bring on El Chino Recoba for Marco Materazzi.
29' Martins receives on the right, takes on two in a blistering diagonal run then has his shot blocked by Zanchi.
28' Martins runs to meet a through ball then shoots wide as Storari narrows the angle.
28' Messina bring on Antonelli for Sculli.
26' Storari collects a diagonal shot from Kily Gonzalez.
24' Sculli's shot from Di Napoli's pass is wide of the right post.
23' Cruz's header from Mihajlovic's cross is wide of the left post.
23' Inter bring on Cesar for Julio Cruz.
22' Free kick to Inter 15 yards inside the Messina half for a foul on Solari.
19' Solari's left-foot shot from 20 yards is just wide of the left post.
18' Materazzi concedes a throw-in to deny an onrushing Floccari.
15' Pizarro dribbles three opponents and wins Inter an attacking throw-in on the left.
14' Materazzi cuts out a Messina attack involving Di Napoli and Floccari.
14' From inside the Inter area Floccari fires wide.
12' Aronica fails to intercept Wome's throw-in for Cruz. El Jardinero races forward then crosses. Zanchi blocks and Cruz handles the rebound. Free kick to the visitors.
9' Donati is booked for a foul on Cristiano Zanetti.
8' Free kick to Inter 35 metres out on the right for a foul on Martins.
8' Messina bring on Floccari and Sullo for Nocerino and Muslimovic.
8' Mihajlovic's free kick is punched clear by Storari.
7' Free kick to Messina in a central position 25 yards out for a Kily foul.
7' Parisi's effort is involuntarily blocked by Sculli. Materazzi heads clear.
6' Donati receives from Muslimovic and has a low shot blocked by Pizarro.
2' Free kick to Inter on the left for a Zoro foul on Kily.
2' Mihajlovic's cross is cleared as far as Pizarro. The Chilean's follow-up on the turn is saved by Storari.
1' Inter get the second half under way.
1' Zoro smashes out for a throw-in to deny Kily Gonzalez a 20-yard shot from a central position.
Kily Gonzalez
Julio Cesar
Peringkat rata-rata 7.21
8 tembakan tepat sasaran 1
11 tembakan meleset 8
15 pelanggaran 17
8 tendangan sudut 2
1 offside 3
26:42 penguasaan bola 20:35
menang(5) seri(0) kalah(0)

susunan pemain awal

Julio Cesar 12 Storari
Burdisso 3 Zoro
Materazzi 23 Zanchi
Mihajlovic 11 Aronica
Wome 33 Sculli
Solari 21 Nocerino
Pizarro 8 D'Agostino
Zanetti 6 Donati
Kily Gonzalez 18 Parisi
Cruz 9 Muslimovic
Martins 30 Di Napoli


Toldo 1 Caglioni
Cordoba 2 Rezaei
Zanetti 4 Nanni
Stankovic 5 Floccari
Cambiasso 19 Innocenti
Recoba 20 Sullo
Cesar 31 Antonelli