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17 Februari 2007 15:00

11' Burdisso
wasit Matteo Trefoloni / hakim garis Griselli, Calcagno / ofisial ke-4 Lops
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45' Half time. Inter 1-0 Cagliari.
44' Ibra chests down a Figo cross but is intercepted. Crespo's fierce right-footer from the loose ball forces a difficult save from Fortin.
43' Bianco hooks clear after Fortin's punched clearance from Figo's corner kick.
42' Dacourt and Samuel deal with Suazo and Langella to end a Cagliari attack down the left.
42' Inter break with Crespo and Ibra, with the latter winning us a left-wing corner.
40' Dacourt overhits his long pass for Crespo. Fortin collects.
39' Figo is hauled down by Bizera. Free kick to Inter 30 yards out.
39' Figo aims for the top right corner but his curler is over Fortin's crossbar.
38' Applause for Ibra, who delights the crowd with a combination of power and trademark footwork in the Cagliari half.
37' There's no Rossoblu player on hand to meet Marchini's cross from 25 yards. Easy prey for Julio Cesar.
34' Free kick to Inter on the right channel 35 yards out. Figo's inswinger is headed wide by Fabio Grosso.
33' Ibra is a millimetre offside as he runs to meet Stankovic's long ball over the Cagliari backline.
32' Ibra's poked shot from Figo's short pass is blocked by Bianco. Figo's cross from the resulting corner is headed out by Ferri for a second corner. Nothing comes of the second corner as Ferri heads clear Stankovic's cross.
31' Dacourt booked for a foul from behind on Capone. The French midfielder will automatically miss next Sunday's match against Catania in Cesena.
28' Suazo forces a great save from Julio Cesar with a venomous drive from 25 yards.
27' Stankovic overhits his floated pass for Ibra. Cagliari keeper Fortin is quick out to catch the ball.
25' Julio Cesar jumps at the back post to catch Biondini's looping cross from the right.
24' Inter close through Crespo who rises at the back post to head over another Figo cross.
23' Cambiasso's fast cross from the left is headed out for an Inter left-wing corner. Figo's cross from the corner flag is cleared by Capone.
22' Ibra fails to connect with Grosso's inviting cross from the left. Fortin grasps the ball.
21' Biondini whips in a cross from the left. Cordoba (Inter captain this afternoon) makes a headed clearance.
19' Luis Figo is dispossessed by Ferri as the Portuguese winger looks for space for a left-wing cross.
19' A roar rings round the Meazza as Ronaldo's first goal for Milan is cancelled out by Vergassola's equaliser for Siena.
18' Great crossfield move by the Nerazzurri. Stankovic to Ibra, Ibra to Figo, Figo to Grosso. The Italian full-back's cross-shot goes behind.
17' Cagliari full-back Ferri receives on the right. His cross goes out for an Inter throw-in on the far side.
15' Cagliari awarded a free kick on the right wing for a Dacourt foul on Capone. Ibra's half-clearance from Capone's cross falls to Bianco whose header is caught by Julio Cesar.
13' Stankovic boots clear as Suazo and Capone look for openings in the Inter area.
11' Ibra's back-post header from Figo's left-wing cross finishes on the roof of the net.
11' GOOOAAAALLLLL!!!!!! Ibra crosses with the outside of his right foot and Burdisso rises in the box to head past a hapless Fortin. Inter 1-0 Cagliari. What a cross by Zlatan Ibrahimovic!
9' David Suazo remains on the ground after a foul by Samuel. Free kick to Cagliari ten yards inside our half.
8' Langella dances past three players before passing wide to Capone, and commits a foul when receiving the return ball.
6' Good tackle by Grosso on Marchini in the Rossoblu half to thwart a possible counter-attack.
5' The Nerazzurri hit back at the Sardinians and go close through Cambiasso, whose 25-yard volley isn't far off.
4' Figo's outswinging free kick is headed clear by Budel. Inter remain in the Cagliari third and Figo gets another cross in. Marchini boots clear.
4' Cagliari hit Inter on the break through Suazo who makes a surging run before playing to Capone, who sees his shot blocked.
3' Free kick to Inter 35 yards out on the right for a Langella foul on Figo.
2' Suazo's effort from the free kick is blocked by Figo. Ferri receives wide on the right and crosses behind for an Inter goal kick.
1' Welcome to the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza for Inter v Cagliari.
1' Inter: 12 Julio Cesar; 2 Cordoba, 16 Burdisso, 25 Samuel, 11 Grosso; 15 Dacourt, 19 Cambiasso, 5 Stankovic; 7 Figo; 8 Ibrahimovic, 18 Crespo.
1' Cagliari: 26 Fortin; 29 Ferri, 22 Bizera, 20 Bianco, 31 Agostini; 2 Marchini, 4 Budel, 16 Biondini, 23 Langella; 10 Capone, 9 Suazo.
1' Cagliari kick off. FORZA NERAZZURRI!!!!
1' Grosso loses the ball in his own half. Cagliari attack with Capone, Suazo and Marchini, and win a free kick after Samuel's clearance, awarded for a foul by Stankovic.
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48' Full time. Inter beat Cagliari 1-0.
45' 3 minutes of overtime.
44' Pepe's curling free kick is headed clear by Cordoba.
43' Cagliari clear a Figo free kick from the left.
43' Free kick to Cagliari on the left for a Stankovic foul on Pepe.
41' Santiago Solari chests down on the left edge of the area and crashes on target. Fortin blocks, corner for Inter.
40' Conti yellow-carded for an ugly challenge from behind on Javier Zanetti.
39' Fortin smothers the ball after Figo combines with Adriano in the Cagliari area.
39' Inter replace Olivier Dacourt with Santiago Solari.
36' The Brazilian keeper collects a Marchini cross from the right to deny the lurking Suazo.
35' Julio Cesar rises at the back post to catch a Pepe left-wing corner.
34' Crespo's cross-shot from a tight angle on the right edge of the Cagliari box is smothered by Fortin.
33' Agostini heads to safety to deny Adriano a chance from a Figo left-wing cross.
31' Suazo manages to keep in play a pass down the right and crosses for Pepe, whose near-range effort is wide.
30' Oooohh. Dejan Stankovic runs down the middle, creates a yard of space and sends a snapshot on to the crossbar from just outside the box.
29' Agostini beats Adriano to Dacourt's floated ball to the right wing and heads out for a throw-in.
29' Cagliari replace Biondini with Penalba.
28' At the other end, Marchini's right-wing cross is straight into the arms of Julio Cesar.
27' Adriano makes a surging run down the left but can't find space for a shot and plays back to Crespo. The Argentine is forced to backtrack and plays to Stankovic, whose looping pass for the Brazilian is intercepted and headed clear by the Rossoblu.
24' Pepe's effort from the free kick hits the Inter wall.
23' Cordoba booked for fouling Suazo from behind. The free kick is in a central position 25 yards out.
21' At the other end, the Rossoblu win a corner after a Suazo counter-attack.
20' Cagliari clear after an Inter attack involving Stankovic, Crespo and Adriano.
19' Daniele Conti's effort finishes in the Curva Nord.
19' Javier Zanetti replaces Esteban Cambiasso.
18' The Sardinians win a free kick in a dangerous position for a Dacourt foul on Budel.
16' Julio Cesar comes out of his area to beat Suazo to a long ball forward.
16' Adriano, 25 years old today, replaces Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
16' Cagliari replace Capone with Pepe.
13' Burdisso beats Conti to Marchini's cross and heads to safety.
10' Ibra feeds Stankovic in the area but Fortin gets there first.
9' Ibra's shot from the free kick is blocked by the Cagliari wall.
8' Marchini booked for a foul from behind on Stankovic. Free kick to Inter 25 yards out.
8' Cagliari bring on Conti for Langella.
7' Grosso receives on the left from Cordoba and crosses into the middle. Fortin grabs the ball to deny the front men.
6' Ibra's first-time shot from an acute angle is headed behind by Bizera.
5' Inter counter-attack with Ibra, Stankovic and Crespo. The Argentine is fouled by Marchini, and we win a free kick on the left flank.
2' Ibra receives from Dacourt and flicks it down the right for Figo, who hasn't read the move.
2' Figo waltzes into the area from the right before Cagliari intercept and clear.
1' Inter kick off the second half.
Julio Cesar
Peringkat rata-rata 7.47
3 tembakan tepat sasaran 1
7 tembakan meleset 5
12 pelanggaran 20
8 tendangan sudut 3
3 offside 1
29:37 penguasaan bola 24:12
menang(24) seri(10) kalah(7)

susunan pemain awal

Julio Cesar 12 Fortin
Burdisso 16 Ferri
Cordoba 2 Bizera
Samuel 25 Bianco
Grosso 11 Agostini
Figo 7 Marchini
Dacourt 15 Budel
Cambiasso 19 Biondini
Stankovic 5 Langella
Ibrahimovic 8 Capone
Crespo 18 Suazo


Toldo 1 Aresti
Zanetti 4 Canini
Cruz 9 Conti
Adriano 10 Del Grosso
Maicon 13 Pisano
Solari 21 Pepe
Materazzi 23 Penalba