Pro Players

Pedro “InterPResende97” Resende

Born on 23 November 1997, a Brazilian national, Pedro Henrique Resende Soares “PResende97” started playing FIFA ten years ago and has featured numerous times in the FIFA eWorld Cup. He finished seventh at the FIFA20 Global Series on Xbox. Here are his national and international titles: ESWC São Paulo 2018 Champions (FIFA 18), LQE GFinity London 2019 XBOX (FIFA 19). He was also the runner-up at the FIFA eWorld Cup Milan 2020.

Levy “Inter Levy” Frederique

A Dutchman born in 1994, Frederique Levy - formerly known as Sterrenstatus - is an M10 Esports player and has been playing competitively since FIFA 15. Together with Hakimi, he took part in the FGS | FIFA21 Challenge Cup. Among various titles, he was the FIFA 12 Dutch champion.

Nicolas “Inter NLaos_X” Velasco

Born in Bogotá, Colombia, in 1996, Nicola Velasco - otherwise known at NLaos_X - signed for Bundled last year and made his debut in the Global Series. He finished at number 54 in the FIFA20 Global Series and won the Colombian championship for FIFA 19.

Manoel “Inter MNeto77” Neto

This talent joins us from Florence. Manoel Neto was born 7 March 2003 in Brazil and began playing FIFA at just 8 years old. His gamer tag is MNeto77. A bilingual Italian and Portuguese speaker, he joins the Nerazzurri for the Global Season and longer at the age of just 17.