MILAN - Born in Valdobbiadene on 22 November 1984, Simone Villanova (pictured) is a natural-born penalty saver. He joined Inter from Cittadella at the start of the season and was Daniele Bernazzani's first choice between the posts in 2003/04. With the exception of a couple of appearances by first-team third goalkeeper Alex Cordaz and the debut of young custodian Giacomo Bindi, Villanova played a total of 42 matches (26 in the championship, 11 in the Tim Cup and 5 in the Carnival Cup).

Giacomo Bindi was born in the Tuscan city of Siena on 2 January 1987. An instinctive goalkeeper, he spent most of the season playing for the Nerazzurri's Allievi Nazionali side, but replaced Villanova for the Primavera's last Division B match away to Triestina.

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