APPIANO GENTILE - Ivan Ramiro Cordoba news conference (3):

Did you hear from Massimo Moratti after the derby?
"No. But we know he is always with us. He himself has confirmed this. Instead, president Facchetti is even more present than before?

What's your explanation for the high number of injuries at Inter?
"I don't know. When Hector Cuper was here they said there were a lot of injuries because there was too much physical work. Now we're working in a different way, but there are injuries all the same. I really don't know how to explain it."

Do you think Cuper was sacked too soon?
"I don't know. Quite honestly none of us expected it, even though we were going through a difficult moment. We were surprised when we were told about the sacking."

Don't you think Inter are missing the so-called coaches on the pitch, for example players like Diego Simeone who are capable of being leaders?
"At Inter there are a lot of players with personality. There aren't those players who do things just to seek attention, and by saying this I'm not referring to Simeone. We always try and help each other on the pitch. There are a lot of charismatic players. J.Zanetti always tries to encourage and help his team-mates in difficult moments. Then there's Javier Farinos and Daniele Adani who always spur you on. Those are the ones that make their voices heard, then there are also others."

In these last few years Inter haven't managed to make that leap of quality. What's missing?
"The anger we have inside ourselves gives us even more desire to come to training sessions and work with more strength. We're bitter about what happened on Saturday evening and about other disappointments in the past. We always try and train at best so we can improve. Before Hector Cuper came, Inter didn't manage to fight for an important objective. With him we were protagonists for two years and a few months. Unfortunately Cuper has left. Now there's Alberto Zaccheroni. To have a future with him we must have faith in his work, which has been made more complex by the fact that he took over a squad built for another coach. We can build something big but we must give Zaccheroni time."

Were you expecting Vieri to be substituted in the derby?
"It seemed Adriano wasn't expecting it. These are choices that the coach makes. Vieri isn't often substituted, but it's something that can happen. When a coach needs to substitute us, his choices must be respected. He always works for the good of the team."

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