CHIETI (ANSA) - Massimo Moratti, Bologna coach Bologna Carlo Mazzone and Brescia player Roberto Baggio are the winners of the second national Giuseppe Prisco Award for loyalty and correctness in the world of sport.

The winners were decided by the jury composed of chairman Sergio Zavoli, journalists Candido Cannavo', Antonio Ghirelli, Nando Martellini and Giorgio Tosatti, Teramo University rector Luciano Russi and Carabinieri general Corinto Zocchi.

The prize, a sculpture by Pietro Cascella, was presented to the winners today during a ceremony at Chieti's Marrucino Theatre.

The Prisco award was founded in 2002 by the aforementioned Zocchi, former Carabinieri commander general Luigi Federici, lawyer Eliodoro D'Orazio, doctor Mario Del Trecco and entrepreneur Marcello Zaccagnini. Prisco, who died in 2001, was vice president of Inter and an official of the Alpini regiment in Aquila. The award was founded with the intention of attributing symbolic recognition for directors, players and coaches in the Serie A and B who have contributed to the upkeeping of moral sporting values.

Roberto Baggio was deeply moved when he received his award today: "I am thankful of all those who have chosen me and the two worthy people who were very important for my career. Today we remember a very special person who loved us all dearly."

While Massimo Moratti according to the jury: "he’s Nerazzurro for inheritance, for choice, for passion, for the culture and for his elegance."

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