VIERI ON EURO 2004 (2)

VIERI ON EURO 2004 (2)

MILAN - Below is the second part of Inter Channel's interview with Christian Vieri, broadcast by the Nerazzurri TV on Friday evening. Stay wired to on Sunday for an interview with another of the Inter players called up to Giovanni Trapattoni's squad for Euro 2004:

In European club competitions this season Italian sides didn't do as well as their French and Spanish counterparts. Could it be the same story in Portugal?
"France are a great team. I watched them play against Brazil on Thursday. But there are a lot of other competitive teams, and I'm thinking most of all of the Czech Republic, England, Portugal, Spain and Germany. Like I said before, it will be difficult. Let's hope we get to the end."

It will be hot in Portugal. Could the climate represent an obstacle?
"Let's hope it's not too hot. But you need a bit of heat, it makes you happy."

There's a big group of Inter players in the Azzurri squad...
"So that means we're not done for... There are five of us, this means that Inter is a good and important team."

You won't have a very long holiday after the European Championship...
"You need a bit of a holiday, otherwise you're dead beat when you arrive at the [pre-season] retreat."

Your objectives for next season?
"I'll never set goals for myself again. We must stop saying every time that we want to win. We'll go ahead and always make the effort in our preparations. We'll talk after we've won."

Best wishes Vieri for a great European Championship.
"Thanks. I've made good preparations, I really want to win and do well."

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