DONETSK - Part two of Roberto Mancini's UEFA news conference:

In yesterday's news conference Adriano said he has seen different faces in this Inter. Do you think that psychologically the team is more sure of itself?
"Yes, I agree with Adriano. The whole team has a different aspect, but it's always all very nice at the start. Now the pressure comes, and there will be the small complaints of those who aren't playing. I have a squad of great players, but when they're not playing they're all the same, from champions to important players. To win you need to know how to overcome all the most difficult moments."

Have you seen the matches between Milan and Shakhtar played last season?
"There was no need to see them because Shakhtar were the most difficult team we could have got. Also because they are coached by Mircea Lucescu, a very good coach who knows Italian football well and has always got his teams to play very well. Milan suffered a lot, but we already knew this when the draw was made."

Shakhtar beat Club Brugges and Barcelona last year, and both these teams won their championships. Would it be okay not to qualify for the Champions League then go on to win the championship?
"We have to get through the round. We want to beat Shakhtar then also become champions in Italy."

Solari was one of the Nerazzurri who was most affected by the change in athletic preparation. How is he now?
"Decidedly better."

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