MILAN - Massimo Moratti gave a brief interview to journalists today after leaving the Saras offices in Milan's city centre:

Dr Moratti, yesterday Adriano said that Roberto Mancini likes him and he likes Mancini. What do you think about this?
"These are positive declarations. At the club we knew it was like this. The fact that Adriano has said this publicly is a liberation for everyone, and also for the press. And it's the truth. It seems to me that there's the desire to do well, the effort, and he's reaching the physical form that is also required."

What about the press rumours concerning Roberto Mancini's job and Rafa Benitez as a possible replacement?
"I also heard it on television... No, there's no questioning him. He has done well and he is doing well. What with injuries and suspensions, in Livorno on Saturday he had to make do with a team composed of excellent players, but who weren't used to playing together. So he can't be blamed. I believe in Mancini and I still think he can do well this year."

Can you confirm that Mancini will stay at Inter next season. Without any doubts?
"There's no doubt."

So you're not worried about your last three league performances and results?
"We played well in Florence, we played well against Juventus, and as I said we had a strange situation in Livorno because of suspensions and injuries. Let's also add a psychological factor. So it was possible to win but (he smiles) they chose the other path..."

The Champions League returns on Wednesday and Inter face Ajax.
"It's an important match for us, for many reasons, especially because it's a competition we still have a chance of winning. We must continue to do well. We face a good team of great prestige so we must approach the match with great care and seriousness. But you always have to be completely focused for a European Cup match. Psychologically it will help us regain the same focus for the championship."

Dr Moratti, did you see the footage of Francesco Totti's injury?
"I have seen it and I'm very sorry for a player who I consider the best in the world in his role because of his continuity, physical strength and great class. So for a while, and I hope it's not a long time, we won't have the pleasure of seeing a player like him. I wish Totti all the best for a speedy return to the pitch."

But do the world-class players lack protection?
"No, these are things that happen."

Inter Campus celebrates its tenth anniversary today. Your birthday greeting?
"It is a very satisfying project. It is very successful, a success that should be measured in terms of the happiness that it gives to children and their families all over the world. I'm very happy about this and I think that the project will get bigger, but at the same time will conserve its very high quality."

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