MILAN - Massimo Moratti was interviewed by journalists this morning outside the Saras offices in Milan's city centre:

Dr Moratti, do you consider the glass as half full or half empty after last night's 2-1 victory over Villarreal? Are you worried about the return match in Spain?
"A win is a win. For now the glass is half full, let's hope we don't empty it. The important thing was to win. I wouldn't say I'm worried, but we will have to be careful and aware that it is a difficult match. However, it was an important result yesterday and a draw will get us through the round."

Anything you didn't like about last night's match?
"Maybe the initial surprise that forced us to come back from behind. For the rest, the team played intelligently, the strikers did well - all three of them. It's a pity Recoba got hurt. Veron made a great sacrifice for the whole match showing that he is a great midfielder. On the whole it was a satisfaction."

What did you think of Adriano's performance. Everyone was expecting the Emperor to score and he did yesterday.
"He scored a goal which wasn't easy and he had other attempts on goal. He did well and he showed a significant improvement in the most important match."

What about the crowd's boos for Wome and Cesar?
"Incidents can happen in matches, but Wome did well and physically perhaps it wasn't easy for Cesar to play two matches in three days, but by gritting his teeth he also did well in the second half. He's a quality player so his ability emerges in the end."

Touch wood, Arsenal and Henry could be in Inter and Moratti's destiny. Is the player a potential opponent or a player you long to have?
"For the moment I long for our players do well because this would help us win something this year. The rest depends on what we and Henry want at the end of the championship. But let's not talk about dreams, let's see pragmatically what happens from now until the end of the season."

Paris is lucky for you. Are you counting on being there on 17 May?
"Yes. The important thing is to get there, then let's hope it's lucky for us."

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