MILAN - (ANSA) - "Me at Inter forever," said Obafemi Martins at the presentation of the penultimate stage of the Nike-organised Joga Bonito 3 tournament for U16 teams, which took place at the Nike Store in Corso Buenos Aires, Milan. The three-a-side competition concludes in June, coinciding with the start of the World Cup in Germany.

For the Nigerian striker it was also an opportunity to meet his young fans, but also to look back at his decisive goal in the Champions League match against Villarreal. "My goal was important," he said. "I looked at Stankovic then attacked the space and with a bit of luck I managed to hit the ball with my heel."

Sporting his new hairstyle ("a girlfriend cut my hair"), he described his goal as "important" after a tough period without scoring. "I had been waiting for an important goal like this for a long time, I hoped to return to scoring in a delicate match like last night's one."

Oba Oba, who has often had to live with the outbursts and 'advice' of his coach, is smiling again. "The boss always gives me advice, even when it seems like he's shouting at me. I'm happy he gives me this attention. I know that when he gets angry it's always for our good."

Martins doesn't know if he will play next Tuesday. "The boss will decide if and when to play me with Adriano. Our duty is just to come on the pitch and always give our best. If we do this from now until the end of the season Inter can still win something important."

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