APPIANO GENTILE - Part two of Zlatan Ibrahimovic's presentation news conference:

Was your decision to join Inter influenced by the fact that you will play in the Champions League without having to play in the qualifying round?
"Everyone's eyes are on Inter at the moment. If something isn't difficult I don't enjoy. We will play to win and we can do it."

What is your reply to those who say you take your bad temper on to the pitch?
"I do everything to win. Those who write in the papers are other people. These things sometimes happen, but I'm a winner, I don't accept defeat."

You seem to like difficult things. And sometimes you show this on the pitch. Will you try to change this attitude?
"When you're playing normally no one usually watches you, but when you make the difference everyone sees you and there is more responsibility. This is my quality and my style of play, and I don't want to change it because this is the best I can do."

Why did you not respect your contract with Juventus?

"As I said, I have been very professional with Juve. I absolutely respected my contract. In the end I joined Inter and we are all happy: me, Inter and also Juventus."

What do you have to say to the Juventus fans now you have officially left the club?
"This is football. I have to think about my future and my future is here now. I'm sorry for the fans and the team we had last year. Inter are a great team, life goes on."

Do you think Juventus will succeed in gaining promotion to Serie A next season?

"I have big hope for Juventus. With their new players and new coach they have the potential to go straight back up. But now I want to play great matches, I want to play in the Champions League, and when you play at the San Siro it is something else."

How did you feel about being one of the players Juventus wanted to keep most, whilst other players were allowed to leave more easily?
"I had to come and speak with Juventus first and find the best solution. Juve wanted to keep me and I was very happy but when I knew Inter were interested in me I couldn't think about anything else. Now they are without the Champions League and now I will play top-level football."

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