MILAN - Massimo Moratti, who returned to Italy today after watching Inter against Sporting Lisbon at the Estadio Alvalade last night, gave this interview to television journalists outside the Saras offices in Milan's city centre:

Dr Moratti, are you disappointed with the Lisbon defeat?
"They didn't play very well. I think the fact that we played against the same opponent in a friendly twenty days ago might have led everyone to think it would be easier, even if you think you are focused and ready for the match. We didn't play a good game and quite a few players were below par. You don't often let in a goal like that, and it came at the wrong moment. But there are no excuses."

It seemed like it was a kind of final test for Adriano...
"He's improving gradually and there's never a final exam, especially now that we are at the start of the league and the cup. And the diamond formation gives him the chance to play a bit wider, so I don't know exactly how we can judge him now. Many players didn't do well, whereas some did better than others, and I could certainly mention Dacourt who played very well. I thought Ibrahimovic was good and Gonzalez didn't do badly. Zanetti did well when he came on."

Will you give Patrick Vieira a ticking-off for the red card?
"Yes, but during matches you often don't take everything into account. It happened at the wrong time and he had picked up another useless booking earlier. But I think we should judge our play more than individual episodes."

Is it already uphill in your Champions League group?
"We knew it would be a difficult group, and we weren't wrong. It is a decidedly difficult group, but it is for us and also the other teams, so we will see how it ends up. But we certainly need to be in better form for our nxt match."

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