APPIANO GENTILE - Part two of Roberto Mancini's pre-Roma v Inter news conference:

Looking at the reports in today's papers, can you tell us exactly how much Adriano weighs?
"I don't know. But it is not important. He can weigh two hundred kilos or fifty kilos, but the important thing is that he does his duty when he plays, just like he did the other evening against Sampdoria when he did well. Nothing else is important."

Isn't it a bit strange that after three years there's still talk of Adriano's position or presence on the pitch?
"This is absolutely not a problem for us. Every team has three or four strikers. Two play and two go on the bench. Inter have played four competitive matches so far. Adriano has started two on the pitch and two on the bench. Milan have world champions Inzaghi and Gilardino, and they have also started on the bench. I think this is quite normal, and absolutely not a problem."

What did you like about Adriano's performance when he came on against Sampdoria?
"I liked the aggression he had when he came on. He also scored a valid goal, and this is definitely a good sign."

Was Adriano's remark after the Sampdoria game directed at you or the media?
"Adriano is an honest lad. I don't think he was angry with me. He could have been before the match because he knew he wouldn't play, but this goes for the other six players who didn't play. I think it is quite normal to be angry with the coach when you don't play. I was the same when I was a player and I don't see why the same shouldn't happen to my players now."

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