APPIANO GENTILE - Part three of Roberto Mancini's pre-Roma v Inter news conference:

David Pizarro is doing very well at Roma...
"I'm happy for him because he is a great player and he deserves it."

What is your reason for recalling Julio Cesar in place of Toldo for the Sampdoria match?
"This is my basic idea. Julio Cesar wasn't fit at the start, but he was back once fit. Toldo has no blame."

How different is Roma's game now compared to the Super Cup match?
"It's not different. It's true that with Pizarro and Aquilani they have a different kind of player, but it's still the same Roma that can be very dangerous when they find spaces. It will be a very nice match tomorrow. Roma made a very good start to the Super Cup match, while we perhaps left open too many spaces because we wanted to do well in our stadium. We gave Roma their daily bread: the chance to attack spaces. And they have some extraordinary players who can cause problems for anyone when they get the chance. Their opening matches, in which they have done very well, are proof of this."

How long will it be before we see Fabio Grosso in his World Cup form?
"I don't think it will be easy to see the Grosso we saw at the World Cup. You can't do for a whole year what he did at the World Cup, which doesn't last very long, and if you're in form after the first match you can play all the remaining matches in top form. Some are in better form after the World Cup and some aren't. Also, Fabio has changed team and just needs a bit of time to adjust."

Does the same go for Luis Figo?
"Those who played at the World Cup are certainly finding it harder than the others. Also, Figo is a few years older than Grosso, so it can be harder for him when you're playing every three days. It's a situation we must evaluate from match to match."

Will Adriano play against Roma tomorrow?
"I don't know. We will see."

On what will your decision be based?
(Mancini laughs) "On weight... Who weighs more, will play."

How much does it bother you to read or hear that you have three matches left to convince Inter and Massimo Moratti to continue working with you?
"I don't have to convince anyone. I do my duty like I always have done. In spite of what has been said or written, and what I haven't read that has been reported to me, it is important to do well in our next matches, whether there are three, ten or fifty or them. What they write doesn't bother me that much because ninety-nine percent of it is all false. Like I said before, we just need tranquillity. We need to be calm and serene because it's the only way not to create problems for ourselves."

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