APPIANO GENTILE - Part one of Roberto Mancini's pre-Roma v Inter news conference:

How is Zlatan Ibrahimovic. How well has he done in the last few matches?
"Ibrahimovic is fine. He is a player with certain characteristics and it is good that he played very well against Sampdoria. He manages to keep the ball, get the team forward and win very difficult balls. He is an extraordinary player. He might not be one hundred percent like all the others, but he does some exceptional things."

We're are only two matches into the championship and it already seems like Inter cannot make any more mistakes. Is it really like this, and why are they already saying this?
"It's like this because from the day they awarded us the Scudetto they started to create this situation around Inter so they could start criticising us and create pressure at the first slip-up. The team, the club and the fans mustn't fall into this trap. We mustn't be taken in by these things that they are organising deliberately, every day. This is a way to destabilise what we are doing, and everyone knows this."

But what are you referring to when you say this?
"I'm talking in general."

What do you mean by this?
"I repeat: when Inter were awarded the Scudetto they started putting pressure on us, saying that we are unbeatable and that we are the strongest team in the world. This is absolutely not true and all of you, who have been in football for many years, know it's not like this. Even Barcelona, considered the strongest team at the moment, lost 3-0 to Seville in the European Super Cup. Many started creating expectations around Inter, to then criticise us at the first half mistake. It's us that have to avoid traps like these."

How can you get through this situation?
"By staying calm, because absolutely nothing has happened so far. They make it look like we have lost every match we have played up to now. We have to stay calm and continue to do our work with seriousness, just like we always have done."

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