"It's the nickname they gave me at River Plate because of my physique and speed"

BRUNICO - Nelson Rivas, with his impressive physique, speed and excellent performances for River Plate in the Argentine league, attracted the attention of many top European clubs last season. The defender, born in Pradera, Colombia on 25 March 1982, presents himself at Inter with determination and humility, convinced of his decision, and ready to repay the club's faith in him. Rivas played for Deportivo Cali, Pasto and Dolima in his native country before joining River Plate. He has signed a four-year deal with Inter.

We read in the papers that your nickname in Argentina was Tyson. Should and can we use it? Do you like it?
"I don't mind it. I arrived at River Plate because of my main qualities: my physique and speed. They started calling me this, and it's fine for me."

What are you expecting from this Italian adventure?
"I'm very happy to be at Inter, one of the greatest teams in Italy and in the world. It's a dream for a young player like me at the start of my career. I have arrived at the team who are Italian champions and who have many champions. My only goal is to work my best to help Inter win again."

How important was it to know you will have as a team-mate Ivan Cordoba, one of the best representatives of Colombian football?
"A lot. I have spoken with him a lot in this period. He has helped me, explained many things to me and he told me I can always count on him for everything. It's very important for me to know that coming to Italy I will have a compatriot in the team."

The news has arrived in Italy that Daniel Passarella, an ex-Inter defender himself, is very angry about your decision to leave River...
"It's true. He considered me important for the group. But I was convinced I had made the right choice and I'm happy to be at Inter."

Rivas, which defensive roles did you cover at River Plate?
"I played at right- and left-back and I can also play in the middle."

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